Life Is a Journey: Advice for Olivia and Isabel - Book 1: The Early Years

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Trafford Publishing, 2007 - 86 pages

This book contains information ranging from some fairly simple common-sense things to some more complex business and financial things. It is our hope that what we have put onto these pages will help you on your journey through life and you will not have to learn some things the hard way. We realize things change over time and what may be important to us today may not have been what was important to us earlier in our lives. We believe much of what we have said here is ageless and is good advice for any period of time because the advice deals with life itself and the relationships we have with other individuals throughout our lifetimes.

Every phase of your life prepares you for the next phase so make the most of each phase, and tuck away your memories to help you deal with the next phase. This book, and each book which follows in this series, is organized by decade so that our advice can be specific to each phase of your lives starting with the years you are in now, your first ten years. Some of our advice is not dependent on a period of time so it is covered in the first chapter of this book, and sometimes mentioned later, specifically to the time period involved. For each phase of your lives we will cover the following topics:

  • inner self,
  • relationships,
  • responsibilities,
  • possessions,
  • planning,
  • renewing, and
  • religion/faith

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About the author (2007)

Gary Lee and Mary Sue are parents and grandparents who wanted to share their life experiences and knowledge with their grandchildren. Gary has been part of creating and directing three consulting firms where he developed his own management style and techniques based upon over 35 years working with people. He is the author of Goebel: The Life and Times of a Faith Healer published in 2004. Mary Sue has been an elementary school teacher and has over 40 years experience in home management and childhood development. For this book, Mary Sue also recorded her first album of songs which she has sung to and sung with our grandchildren.

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