Life Strategies (draft), Part one: Works: Works

Front Cover
Infinite Study, 2008
In a life full of permutation of endless possibilities, sometimes we need clues on how the best way to get our dice pop up with the expected result. In this way, perhaps this small book, which comprises of collection of ideas, hints and methods in various aspects of personal life, workplace, mathematics, science, and medicine etc. can serve to the reader just like proverbs help us to keep a perspective in life, i.e. to become 'life strategies┐. Or, if for nothing else, the (random) sentences listed here at least can stimulate further thoughts.This collection was written more than three decades ago (and I still collect them today), but has never been published in printed form. I started to write down such ideas since I was a high school student and continue even today - I always bear with me a small pen and small notebook where I write in the plane, or when driving my car, or even in class room. Despite three decades of postponement, I hope this small booklet, which is rather a draft, will keep on inspiring the reader, as good ideas will always be worth to ponder. Some of these enumerated ideas might become aphorisms in the future.

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