Life with Grandma

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Biography & Autobiography - 108 pages
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Four helicopter pilots and lifelong friends join the American war effort in Vietnam to help their country and maybe themselves and their post-military careers. A twist of their military fates delivers them to a secret military air base and fire base named the Marble Mountain Officers Club Annex by the pilots. Early in the Vietnam War the base supported CIA activity between North and South Vietnam and west through Laos and Cambodia to Thailand, in addition to, development of prototype weapons and technology. By the time the four FNG's arrive the war's end is near and the base is embroiled in the eventual collapse of the American involvement in Vietnam.

The story involves only a few very long days and nights in the lives of four brand new helicopter pilots and one suspiciously beautiful Woman Marine Lieutenant. They face death in the middle of fanatical fire fights and suicidal flying missions, but in the Officer's Club, where the lessons of life, war, death, love and friendship are debated over ritual libations, they discovered the reality of the life they have chosen.

Upon arrival at the air base the FNG's are immediately immersed in the ongoing battle of egos between the helicopter pilots and a detachment of jet pilots. Each night at the Officer's Club territories are staked out and defended. Verbal jousting gives way to free-for-alls and shoot-outs when one side gains or loses an advantage. The four-day adventure also includes combat helicopter inserts, an erotic overnight stop at Bangkok, a "jungle rules" motor-cross race, and two ground assaults by VC and NVA regulars.

When the base is overrun they manage a heroic escape, but upon arrival at the real Marble Mountain Air Base their heroic deeds do not yield the pomp and ceremony they expect- they are scheduled for a court-martial. The author attempts to capture satire of "Catch-22" and the humor of "Mash" in another real life military story.

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