Life and Letters of John Greenleaf Whittier;

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Life And Letters Of John Greenleaf Whittier - VOLUME I. - 1894, BY SAMUEL T. PICKARD - PREFACE - THE thought that at some time the story of his life would be called for was not a pleasant one to Rlr. Whittier but fearing that, in the absence of correct data, a biography full of inaccuracies might be given to the public, about ten years before his cieath he authorized the collection of material for slch a work, and assisted the friend to whom it was confided by suggestions of a general character. He liad never kept a journal, nor charged his rnenlory with dates, but He remenlbered His corresponclents, and gave information wlrich resulted in a large collection of letters, illustrating nearly every year of his life. The editor has regarded the use of this material as a sacrecl trust, an in accordance with...................

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