Life and Times Or Samuel Crompton

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Augustus M. Kelley, 1862 - Biography & Autobiography - 299 pages

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Page 3 - ... to travel this terrible country, to avoid it as they would the devil ; for a thousand to one but they break their necks or their limbs by overthrows or breakings down.
Page 148 - Neither doth their industry rest here, for they buy cotton wool in London, that comes first from Cyprus and Smyrna, and at home...
Page 3 - They will here meet with ruts, which I actually measured, four feet deep, and floating with mud only from a wet summer; what, therefore, must it be after a winter ! The only mending it in places receives, is the tumbling in some loose stones, which serve no other purpose but jolting a carriage in the most intolerable manner. These are not merely opinions, but facts, for I actually passed three carts broken down in these eighteen miles of execrable memory.
Page 15 - Probably the most remarkable circumstance connected with the money history of the enterprise is this : that although the canal yielded an income which eventually reached about 80,000/.
Page 65 - I pushed on, intending to have a good share in the spinning line, yet I found there was an evil which I had not foreseen, and of much greater magnitude than giving up the machine, viz. that I must be always teaching green hands, employ none, -or quit the country; it being believed that if I taught them they knew their business well. So that for years I had no choice left but to give up spinning, or quit my native land.
Page 75 - In 1800 some gentlemen of Manchester, sensible that Mr. Crompton had been ill-used and neglected, agreed without his previous knowledge to promote a subscription on such a scale as would result in a substantial reward for his labours, a provision for his family, and a sufficient security for his comfort during life. The principal promoters of this scheme were Mr. George Lee and Mr. Kennedy...
Page 3 - I know not, in the whole range of language, terms sufficiently expressive to describe this infernal road. To look over a map, and perceive that it is a principal one, not only to some towns, but even whole counties, one would naturally conclude it to be at least decent ; but let me most seriously caution all travellers who may accidentally purpose to travel this terrible county to avoid it as they would the devil, for a thousand to one but they break their necks or their limbs by overthrows or breakings-down.
Page 3 - ... breakings down. They will here meet with ruts, which I actually measured, four feet deep, and floating with mud, only from a wet summer.
Page 29 - ... discoverer is greatly expedited by the disappearance, in large part, of the ridicule and suspicion which formerly attached to inventors and innovators. When Crompton worked upon his spinning-mule at late hours up in his attic at Hall-in-The-Wood, his neighbors declared that the house must be haunted. "Even when relieved from the alarm of a ghost they yet found they had among them a conjurer! for such was the term they applied in contempt to inventors in those days, and indeed for a long time...
Page 68 - ... make light of discussions on taxation, and say that he would pay the national debt! His speculative schemes were vast and daring; he contemplated entering into the most extensive mercantile transactions, and buying up all the cotton in the world, in order to make an enormous profit by the monopoly; and from the extravagance of some of these designs, his judicious friends were of opinion that, if he had lived to put them in practice, he might have overset the whole fabric of his prosperity.

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