Life of Quintus Horatius Flaccus

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J. Murray, 1854 - 194 pages

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Page 98 - NON ebur neque aureum Mea renidet in domo lacunar, Non trabes' Hymettiae Premunt columnas ultima recisas Africa...
Page 23 - The loves of the Vestal and the God of War, the cradle laid among the reeds of Tiber, the fig-tree, the she-wolf, the shepherd's cabin, the recognition, the fratricide, the rape of the Sabines, the death of Tarpeia, the fall of Hostus Hostilius, the struggle of Mettus Curtius through the marsh, the women rushing with torn raiment and dishevelled hair between their fathers and their husbands, the nightly meetings of Numa and the Nymph by the well in the sacred grove, the fight of the three Romans...
Page 166 - Calvus, re vera quales Catullus aut Calvus. Quantum illis leporis, dulcedinis, amaritudinis, amoris ! inserit sane, sed data opera, mollibus levibusque duriusculos quosdam, et hoc quasi Catullus aut Calvus.
Page 101 - Hoc erat in votis : modus agri non ita magnus, Hortus ubi et tecto vicinus jugis aquae fons Et paulum silvae super his foret. Auctius atque Di melius fecere. Bene est. Nil amplius oro, Maia nate, nisi ut propria haec mihi munera faxis.
Page 56 - Tis (let me see) three years and more (October next it will be four) Since Harley bid me first attend, And chose me for an humble friend; Would take me in his coach to chat, And question me of this and that; As, 'What's o'clock!' and,
Page 10 - Causa fuit pater his, qui macro pauper agello Noluit in Flavi ludum me mittere, magni Quo pueri magnis e centurionibus orti, Laevo suspensi loculos tabulamque lacerto, Ibant octonis referentes Idibus aera : Sed puerum est ausus Romam portare docendum Artes quas doceat quivis eques atque senator Semet prognatos.
Page 15 - Atque ego cum Graecos facerem, natus mare citra, Versiculos , vetuit me tali voce Quirinus, Post mediam noctem visus, cum somnia vera: „In silvam non ligna feras insanius , ac si „Magnas Graecorum malis implere catervas.
Page 23 - Nymph by the well in the sacred grove, the fight of the three Romans and the three Albans, the purchase of the Sibylline books, the crime of Tullia, the simulated madness of Brutus, the ambiguous reply of the Delphian oracle to the Tarquins, the wrongs of Lucretia, the heroic actions of Horatius Codes, of...
Page 76 - Aethiops, hie classe formidatus, ille missilibus melior sagittis. fecunda culpae saecula nuptias primum inquinavere et genus et domos; hoc fonte derivata clades in patriam populumque fluxit.
Page 67 - ... day events can afford no subject of inspiration; the decencies and conventional proprieties of civilised life lie upon it as a deadening spell ; the assimilating and levelling tone of manners smooths away all which is salient. But we do not see why there should not be a poetry of the most civilised and highly cultivated state of human society ; something equable, tranquil, serene, affording delight by its wisdom and truth, by its grace and elegance. Human nature in all its forms is the domain...

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