Light Entertaining: A Book of Dainty Recipes for Special Occasions : Sandwiches, Beverages, Candies, Chafing Dish Recipes

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Judson, Helena
Butterick, 1910 - Beverages - 68 pages

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Page 30 - DROPS. harden, or make them in the morning and leave them until afternoon. Then melt some chocolate (the best confectioners') in a basin set in another basin of boiling water; when melted, and the creams are hard enough to handle, take one at a time on a fork, and drop into the melted chocolate, roll it until well covered, then slip from the fork upon oiled or waxed paper, and set them aside to harden. FRUIT AND NUT CREAMS. .Raisins seeded, currants, figs and citron, chopped fine, and mixed with...
Page 46 - One cupful of molasses, one cupful of sugar, a piece of butter the size of an egg.
Page 33 - NUT CREAMS. Chop almonds, hickory nuts, butternuts or English walnuts quite fine. Make the " French Cream," and before adding all the sugar, while the cream is quite soft, stir into it the nuts, and then form into balls, bars or squares. Several kinds of nuts may be mixed together. MAPLE SUGAR CREAMS.
Page 43 - Having cracked and rubbed the skin from the peanuts, put them into buttered pans, and when the candy is done, pour it over the nuts. Cut into blocks while warm.
Page 31 - ... and then roll the balls in the fresh-grated cocoanut. These may be colored prettily with a few drops of cochineal syrup and a few spoonfuls of grated chocolate before rolling them in the grated cocoanut. The cocoanut cream may be made into a flat cake and cut into squares or strips. CREAM CHERRIES Make a small round ball of French cream, cut a strip of citron the size of a cherry stem and put the ball of cream upon one end of it; take a cherry...
Page 31 - ... and cutting it in two, put one-half each side of the cream ball, and it will make a very pretty candy. They can also be made like walnut creams, using cherries instead of walnuts. CREAM DATES Select perfect dates and with a knife remove the pit. Take a piece of French cream, make an oblong shape, and wrap the date around the cream.
Page 48 - ... off the skin by pinching the almond between the finger and thumb ; then drain off the water, cool the almonds in cold water, drain them again, and, as you rub off the skins or hulls...
Page 48 - THROW the almonds into a pan containing boiling water, allow them to remain in this on the fire until you find that on taking one of the almonds between your fingers you can easily push...
Page 40 - Take a tablespoonful of butter, three of water, and one cupful of white sugar; boil until it is ready to candy and then add three quarts of nicely-popped corn. Stir briskly until the mixture is evenly distributed over the corn. Keep up the stirring until it cools, when each kernel will be separately coated Close and undivided attention will be necessary to the success of this kind of candy.

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