LIGHTSEEDING Cellulo - Spiritual Rejuvenation: A Philosophy in Healing

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Xlibris Corporation, Nov 13, 2012 - Medical
The LIGHTSEEDING Method, Cellulo-Spiritual Rejuvenation is a non-medical, Spiritually based Philosophy and Practice. At the core of it, is a simple but powerful Philosophy in Healing. Tzu Xander is an Author, Artist and founder of two not for profit organizations in the fields of prevention and control of disease while recognising and working from our innately powerful, divine origins. As the Founder and ministerial overseer of Path of Divine Restoration , one of my greatest motivations in making a difference while on the planet, are to continue the development, education and protection of the co-creative art forms of natural health and spiritually based healing. Ancient and more modern contemporary holistic protocols and techniques that are otherwise under threat of being lost, due to corporate, monopolizing thuggery and complete disregard for mankind. In the near future we will look back to see how barbaric the current "slash burn and poison" treatments for Chronic disease truly are and how deeply we've been manipulated into a collective coma of disempowerment and confusion while A. Shortening the quality of life of ourselves and loved ones and B. Making a group of corrupt, unconcious corporations, wealthy beyond all common sense in the process."

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