Lincoln's Inn; Its Ancient and Modern Buildings: With an Account of the Library

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Reeves and Turner, 1873 - 251 strani

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Stran 34 - Whatever withdraws us from the power of our senses, whatever makes the past, the distant, or the future predominate over the present, advances us in the dignity of thinking beings.
Stran 12 - Newtons, with all the truth which they have revealed, and all the generous virtue which they have inspired, are of inferior value when compared with the subjection of men and their rulers to the principles of justice ; if, indeed, it be not more true that these mighty spirits could not have been formed except •under equal laws, nor roused to full activity without the influence of that spirit which the Great Charter breathed over their forefathers.
Stran 43 - ... alone. The vegetables cultivated in this garden were beans, onions, garlic, leeks and some others, which are not specifically named. Hemp was also grown there, and some description of plant which yielded verjuice, possibly, sorrel. Cuttings of the vines were sold, from which it may be inferred that the earl's trees were held in some estimation. The stock purchased for this garden comprised cuttings or sets of the following varieties of pear-trees ; viz.
Stran 89 - January 1770 — upon trust, for the purpose of founding a lecture, in the form of a sermon, ' to prove the truth of revealed religion in general, and of the Christian in particular, from the completion of the prophecies in the Old and New Testaments which relate to the Christian Church, especially to the apostasy of Papal Rome.
Stran 209 - England by juries much better than that of the civil law, where so much was trusted to the judge, yet he often said, that the true grounds and reasons of law were so well delivered in the Digests, that a man could never understand law as a science so well as by seeking it there, and therefore lamented much that it was so little studied in England.
Stran 97 - Masons and bricklayers can boast of Ben Jonson, who worked at the building of Lincoln's Inn, with a trowel in his hand and a book in his pocket...
Stran 57 - Nor were these exercises of dancing merely permitted, but thought very necessary, as it seems, and much conducing to the making of gentlemen more fit for their books at other times ; for by an order made 6th Feb.

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