Little Miracles

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Xlibris Corporation, Aug 1, 2005 - 92 pages
While novelist Cheryl Holt was living on the island of Maui, she had a visitation from an angel who told her that God wanted her to build the first soup kitchen in Hawaii. As she'd never been a particularly religious person, the communication seemed bizarre. When He could have chosen anyone, why would God ask her? She was called but did not want to answer. The project seemed too difficult to implement, and the prospects for failure too great. In order to convince her that God required her services, the angel showed her a vision of her entire life, how every step she'd taken had led her directly to Maui so that when the time was right she could provide the assistance God was requesting. The angel also showed her how many other people's lives had also been guided so that they, too, would end up on Maui and ready to help. She finally agreed and, with a horde of angels watching over her, she walked into a storm of blessings. The community rallied to her call to feed the hungry, and with scarcely any effort at all, the kitchen became a reality. A decade later, with the program still in operation and the volunteers having served hundreds of thousands of meals, she's finally written her account of the phenomenal event. In this humorous, touching remarkable story, Holt captures the faith and charity that reside in all our hearts. She reaffirms the message that God really is watching over us, and that miracles happen everyday.

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