Little Stone

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Element, 1999 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 93 pages
Little Stone, itself, is the generic name given to any stone you can hold in your hand. This book shows you how to find your own Little Stone and how it can become your friend for life. It will support you faithfully and without conditions. It will guide, soothe, energize and empower you.

So many of us have lost touch with the earth and with our sense of touch, and because of that, we get out of touch with the real core foundation of our lives. Nature is the greatest mentor and teacher in life. A stone is a powerful piece of natural teaching that we can easily and simply get in touch with both physically and symbolically.

James Wanless, a symbolist and human empowerment professional, views inanimate objects of nature as symbolic mirrors of ourselves. He uses physical objects as tools for personal growth and development. Little Stone provides an easy way of understanding ourselves and the natural "way of the earth" path for realizing our gifts and talents, and for manifesting our visions and dreams.

Little Stone is divided into two parts:

Part One: Adventure

How to Find Your Little Stone

Before you can learn the "stone way" of discovery, you must first find your own stone. Wanless describes this as one of the most exciting parts of the whole process. It gives us the opportunity to play the mythic role of the "shaman gatherer, " and to practice the timeless, universal steps for finding what we seek; and to do so in a different way than we have been taught and are accustomed to in our contemporary culture.

Finding your stone is a great learning process, and it's exciting. You apply certain time-tested principles that are guaranteed to help you achieve what you desirethroughout life. But these prescribed steps are not what we ordinarily learn. The first and most important step is to treat it as an adventure -- not as a job, not a task, not an assignment, not something you have to or should do, but something that is fun yet challenging; new, different and full of mystery; tiring but energizing; meaningful, magical and fulfilling.

Part Two: The Story of Little Stone

The second part of Little Stone contains 24 chapters, each representing a different quality of stones -- from energy to grounding to peace. Stones speak to us through touch, and each chapter reveals what we get from holding and rubbing our little touchstone. As a symbol of personal qualities and spiritual virtues, Little Stone gets you in touch with yourself so that you know who you are and where you are going.

Wanless also explains how Little Stone can become an active and productive self-help therapy, a stepping stone process. Each of the 24 chapters on the Little Stone journey of life is experiential in that it thoughtfully urges us to examine our lives and our connection to the world around us.

The teachings of Little Stone give us principles to live by. These gifts from the earth are the groundwork values for a successful life, from our relationships to our careers to our peace of mind.

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