Little Men: Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys

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Little, Brown, 1899 - 376 pages
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Page 144 - Gaily the troubadour Touched his guitar, As he was hastening Home from the war." The gentlemen applauded so enthusiastically that she gave them " Bounding Billows," " Little Bo-Peep," and other gems of song, till they were obliged to hint that they had had enough. Grateful for the praises bestowed upon her daughter, Mrs. Smith graciously
Page 131 - The children of Holland take pleasure in making, What the children of Boston take pleasure in breaking.* Only I shall put Plumfield instead of Boston." " We never will again, truly, truly! " cried the repentant little sinners, much abashed
Page 118 - throw you over the barn!" and so shook and hustled poor Stuffy, that for a minute he did not know whether he was on his head or his heels. " She told me to," was all he could say, when Tommy let him alone. " Never mind if she did; it is awfully mean to hurt a little girl," said Demi, reproachfully. " Ho! I don't mind; I ain'ta little girl,
Page 284 - brute. I shall come out and try him with a saddle myself some day," he said, on one of these visits. "He lets me put a halter on him, but I don't believe he will bear a saddle even if you put it on," answered Dan, who never failed to be present when Charlie and
Page 286 - Charlie submitted, and in a few days permitted Dan to mount him, often stopping short to look round, as if he said, half patiently, half reproachfully, " I don't understand it, but I suppose you mean no harm, so I permit the liberty." Dan patted and praised him, and took a short turn every day, getting frequent
Page 52 - Don't work so hard, my boy; you will tire yourself out, and there is time enough." " But I must work hard, or I can't catch up with the others. They know heaps, and I don't know any thing," said Nat, who had been reduced to a state of despair by hearing the
Page 53 - get on first rate — you and the lady are so good to me." "They shan't laugh at you; if they do, I'll — I'll — tell them not to," cried Demi, quite forgetting where he was. The class stopped in the middle of 7 times 9, and every one looked up to see what was going on.
Page 3 - dear to boyish souls. A flavor of toast was in the air, also suggestions of baked apples, very tantalizing to one hungry little nose and stomach. The hall, however, presented the most inviting prospect of all, for a brisk game of tag was going on in the upper entry. One landing was devoted to
Page 286 - ride you yet— see if I don't." He tried no more that day, but soon after attempted a new method of introducing Charlie to a burden. He strapped a folded blanket on his back, and then let him race, and rear, and roll, and fume as much as he liked After a few fits of rebellion Charlie submitted, and
Page 307 - that the flowers of the canary-vine were so like dainty birds fluttering their yellow wings, that one almost expected to see them fly away, and the snapdragons that went off like little pistol-shots when you cracked them. Splendid dollies did she make out of scarlet and white poppies, with ruffled robes tied round the waist with

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