Live the Life You Love: Discover Your Purpose and Live It With Intention

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Morgan James Publishing, Dec 1, 2006 - Self-Help - 152 pages
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Margaret Merrill's passion is helping people live to the absolute peak of their potential. She could see, though, that the lack of one foundational element completely derailed even the most devout seeker.and that element is Purpose. Motivated to meet this universal need and inspired by truths taught her by a Navajo Medicine Man, Margaret created a step-by-step Purpose Discovery ProcessT that is transforming her client's lives across the globe! This guaranteed process, finally available to the public, is masterfully woven with fascinating stories from her life among the Navajo people. In your hands you have the key to creating meaning, fulfillment and prosperity like you have only imagined. Listen to the whisper that compels you toward your purpose...and live the life you love. "You are embarking on a journey into meaning. Page by page, Margaret Merrill will lead you into the deep . provoking you to become totally honest with yourself. As she causes you to develop a new perception of purpose and values in your life, you will become acutely aware that an individual who has never defined their life's purpose, nor chosen their values is living like a minnow in the shallows . never expressing or adding deep meaning to their days." Bob Proctor, CEO, Life Success Productions "If you haven't found your purpose, take Margaret's hand and let her help you find it." Cristina Carlino, CEO, Philosophy "When I think of purpose, three words immediately come to my mind, discovery, understanding and awareness. In about 120 pages Margaret Merrill in Live the Life you Love, has delivered in my opinion one of the most simplistic and impacting books I have ever read in the area of life's purpose. Find a quiet place, grab a pen, open your mind like a parachute and get ready for change." William Todd, Nikken Royal Diamond Wellness Consultant "Margaret has a talent for taking complex concepts and making them easy to understand and use. This book is a simple, yet powerful way for anyone to access clarity from the chaos. It gives you a rich opportunity to surrender to yourself. This is not a book you will leave on the shelf; it calls you into action right now. Go for it!" Lucy Morris, President, Phoenix Possibilities Inc.

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About the author (2006)

Margaret Merrill has been dedicated to changing lives for over 25 years. Growing up in New York State, the forth of six children, Margaret was always a bit different. She loved the ethnic communities that thrived within her hometown and craved a deeper understanding of different cultures. This thirst for knowledge, that she intrinsically knew came from travel, drew her to Italy to study the Renaissance and then out to the Ramah Navajo Reservation in New Mexico to complete her student teaching requirement as an art teacher. She fell in love with the children that openly taught her about the practical and ceremonial uses of the plants that grew in the high-desert mountains and accepted a teaching position at this fascinating self-determined school. It was at this school that she stayed and taught for over twenty years. In a desire to help her native students develop a more self-empowered mind set, she devoured self-help books, listened intently to hundreds of motivational tapes and attended countless personal development seminars. She approached this study with passion, looking for the answers that would bring more meaning and success to the lives of her first students. The results of this study changed not only the lives of her students but unexpectedly changed her life as well. She realized that she loved teaching personal development principles and found great joy in seeing the lives of others change dramatically as a result. She took her talent for communicating complex principles, mixed it with her passion for helping others live to their greater potential and added a new venue for her teaching by creating many powerful personal development weekend seminars that touched thousands of business and professional people all over North America. Bob Proctor, chairman of Life Success Productions, a global human resource organization, saw in Margaret a special talent for communicating what can sometimes be very complicated concepts, in a very understandable manner. He asked Margaret to facilitate his company's life success programs. She accepted and very quickly became one of his top facilitators worldwide. At which point Proctor invited her to join his staff. Through this work, she has had the opportunity to support hundreds of clients from all over the world. Margaret realized that many of these people had one great need that kept them from experiencing their full potential, one after another had no idea what their purpose was or how to live it intentionally. As with her native students, she saw a need and determined to fill it. She began researching the best practices for purpose discovery and as a result developed a unique method of helping individuals from all walks of life to recognize and establish their purpose, why they are here. This practice proved to be very effective for Bob's clients in eliminating confusion and frustration by creating meaningful focus in thoughts and thus results. Margaret decided to bring this process, couched in stories and examples from her life with the Ramah Navajo, into print. ?Live The Life You Love? effectively leads her readers, clients and audiences through the process of infusing their lives with purposeful living: creating profitable businesses, projects, and products that give meaningful service to humanity. Drawn back to her love for culture, spiritual development and personal growth and compelled by a vision given to her near an ancient Anasazi ruin, she is again collaborating with the Ramah Navajo people. In partnership with her long time medicine man friend and tribal leaders, she is creating her pristine 88-acre ranch in New Mexico as a cultural and spiritual destination that will create a bridge between the Ramah Navajos and the global community. This project is enthusiastically supported by her senator, state representatives, New Mexico cabinet secretaries and esteemed tribal leaders. Oso Vista Ranch is soon to provide an environment for the people of the world to authentically

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