Lives of Celebrated Women ...

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William L. Allison, 1875 - 216 pages

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Page 9 - Gentle dauphin," she addressed him, "my name is Jehanne la Pucelle. The King of Heaven sends you word by me that you shall be consecrated and crowned in the city of Rheims, and shall be lieutenant of the King of Heaven, who is King of France.
Page 57 - Great men may jest with saints : 'tis wit in them ; But, in the less, foul profanation. Lucio. Thou'rt in the right, girl ; more o' that. Isab. That in the captain's but a choleric word Which in the soldier is flat blasphemy.
Page 3 - IF another Homer were to arise, and if the poet were to seek another Helen for the subject of a modern epic of war, religion, and love, he would beyond all find her in Mary Stuart, the most beautiful, the weakest, the most attractive and most attracted of women...
Page 34 - As the husband is, the wife is: thou art mated with a clown, And the grossness of his nature will have weight to drag thee down.
Page 34 - It is my earnest request that your Majesty will send for me as soon as possible, for my condition is pitiable, not to say for a queen, but for a simple gentlewoman. I have no other dress than that in which I escaped from the field ; my first day's ride was sixty miles across the country, and I have not since dared to travel except by night.
Page 59 - Others had read in the flames the word "Jesus," which she so often repeated. The executioner repaired in the evening to brother Isambart, full of consternation, and confessed himself; but felt persuaded that God would never pardon him. . . . One of the English king's secretaries said aloud, on returning from the dismal scene, " We are lost ; we have burnt a saint.
Page 57 - The ecclesiastical judge, the bishop of Beauvais, then benignly exhorted her to take care of her soul and to recall all her misdeeds, in order that she might awaken to true repentance. The assessors had ruled that it was the law to read over her abjuration to her; the bishop did nothing of the sort. He feared her denials, her disclaimers. But the poor girl had no thought of so chicaning away life : her mind was fixed on far other subjects. Even before she was exhorted to repentance, she had knelt...
Page 55 - Had you put me in the prisons of the Church, and given me ghostly keepers, this would not have happened. And for this I summon you to answer before God." Then, seeing among the bystanders Pierre Morice, one of the preachers by whom she had been addressed, she said to him, " Ah, Master Pierre, where shall I be this evening?
Page 54 - On the Monday, he returned along with the inquisitor and eight assessors, to question the Pucelle, and ask her why she had resumed that dress. She made no excuse, but, bravely facing the danger, said that the dress was fitter for her as long as she was guarded by men, and that faith had not been kept with her. Her saints, too, had told her, " that it was great pity she had abjured to save her life.
Page 15 - Having put up her papers in order, she placed a certificate of her baptism in a red pocket-book, in order to take it with her, and thus establish her identity. This she did because she had resolved to make no attempt to escape, and was therefore certain she should leave Marat's house for the conciergerie, preparatory to her appearing before the revolutionary tribunal.

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