Lives of Dr. John Donne; Sir Henry Wotton; Mr. Richard Hooker; Mr. George Herbert; and Dr. Robert Sanderson

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Wilson, Spence and Mawman, 1796 - 518 стор.
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Сторінка 251 - I have lived to see this world is made up of perturbations ; and I have been long preparing to leave it, and gathering comfort for the dreadful hour of making my account with God, which I now apprehend to be near...
Сторінка 314 - Ah ! my dear God, though I am clean forgot, Let me not love Thee, if I love Thee not.
Сторінка 312 - Bohemia. In this place of orator our George Herbert continued eight years, and managed it with as becoming and grave a gaiety as any had ever before or since his time. For he had acquired great learning, and was blest with a high fancy, a civil and sharp wit, and with a natural elegance both in his behaviour, his tongue, and his pen.
Сторінка 248 - Thus hath the Lord done unto me in the days wherein he looked upon me, to take away my reproach among men.
Сторінка 314 - ... sacred name of priest contemptible, yet I will labour to make it honourable, by consecrating all my learning, and all my poor abilities, to advance the glory of that God that gave them ; knowing that I can never do too much for him that hath done so much for me as to make me a Christian. And I will labour to be like my Saviour, by making humility lovely in the eyes of all men, and by following the merciful and meek example of my dear Jesus.
Сторінка 346 - God, so far to trust thy promise, as to return them back to thee ; and by thy grace I will do so, in distributing them to any of thy poor members that are in distress, or do but bear the image of Jesus, my Master. Sir...
Сторінка 64 - a book, in which, by declaring his own spiritual conflicts, he hath comforted and raised many a dejected and discomposed soul, and charmed them into sweet and quiet thoughts ; a book, by the frequent reading whereof, and the assistance of that spirit that seemed to inspire the author, the reader may attain habits of peace and piety, and...
Сторінка 345 - Clergy especially which preach temperance, would avoid surfeiting and take all occasions to express a visible humility and charity in their lives; for this would force a love and an imitation, and an unfeigned reverence from all that knew them to be such." (And for proof of this, we need no other testimony than the life and death of Dr Lake, late Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.) "This," said Mr Herbert, "would be a cure for the wickedness and growing Atheism of our age.
Сторінка 71 - ORIENS. And now, having brought him through the many labyrinths and perplexities of a various life, even to the gates of death and the grave, my desire is, he may rest till I have told my reader, that I have seen many pictures of him, in several habits, and at several ages, and in several postures. And I now mention this, because I have seen one picture of him, drawn by a curious...
Сторінка 314 - And though the iniquity of the late times have made clergymen meanly valued, and the sacred name of priest contemptible ; yet I will labour to make it honourable, by consecrating all my learning, and all my poor abilities to advance the glory of that God that gave them ; knowing that I can never do too much for him, that hath done so much for me, as to make me a Christian.

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