Lives of the Ancient Philosophers

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Page 202 - the sea. Aristotle maintained the infinite indivisibility of matter ; that the universe is full, and that there is no void in nature ; that the world is eternal; that the sun has always revolved as it does at present, and that it will always do the same ; that
Page 17 - if, instead of thus consuming our time in interminable disputes, we had been employed in our dioceses, in teaching the Catechism, and instructing the villager to fear God and bless his holy name !" Fully did he prove the sincerity with which this was expressed, by the zeal with which he acted up to it; for fifteen years he lived
Page 81 - wherein the inhabitants of that city paid him extraordinary honours. PERIANDER, Tyrant of Corinth, was contemporary with the preceding Philosophers, but neither the year of his birth nor that of his death is precisely known.
Page 25 - the correctness of his taste, and above all by his exquisite sensibility. Next to Telemachus, his principal work is his '' Dialogues on Eloquence in general, and on that of the Pulpit in particular." His Letters are likewise exquisitely touching, and abound with
Page 240 - do not your thighs belong to you as much as your knees ?" He used to say, that it was impossible to find any human being without fault, but that a few rotten grains did not spoil a fine pomegranate. Crates wished his disciples to be entirely disencumbered from worldly possessions. " My learning is my own wealth,
Page 20 - to the disconsolate little circle to which it belonged, he drove it back himself, in a dark night, to the young man's cottage. "This,
Page 9 - From the abyss which I have described," says St. Simon, " there arose a Prince, affable, gentle, moderate, patient, modest, humble; austere only to himself, attentive to his duties, and sensible of
Page 5 - either to the Jesuits or Jansenists, yet commanded .universal respect by the unassuming piety with which they devoted their exertions to the service of the Church, in her most obscure and humble functions; within which modest and useful line of duty they uniformly
Page 6 - any wishes that he might entertain connected with his mission. The only request he made was, that the troops, and every species of military parade, might be removed far from the province of which he was to have the direction. Violence and
Page 59 - amazed at an answer so unexpected. He commanded his attendants to lay all his treasures open before Solon, and to display whatever he had most precious in his palace. After this he invited him a second time into his presence. " Have you ever seen," said he to him,

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