Living Liturgy: Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities (Year C)

An annual resource for parish ministers, liturgists, pastors, and planning committees, Living LiturgyTM offers a practical means for reflection on and celebration of the Sunday Mass. Living LiturgyTM integrates spirituality and celebration, catechesis and pastoral practice, the ministry of the assembly and other ministries so that celebrating and living go hand-in-hand. Written by a pastorally experienced team with expertise in Scripture, spiritual direction, liturgy, and liturgical music, Living LiturgyTM teaches that we learn from each other of the fullness of God?s mystery, and by learning and worshiping together we enrich each other. Living LiturgyTM helps people live a liturgical spirituality. This is a way of living rooted in liturgy, which opens their vision to their baptismal identity as the body of Christ and shapes their living according to the dying and rising rhythm of paschal mystery. The paschal mystery is the entire salvific mystery of Jesus Christ?his life, mission, passion, death, resurrection, ascension, sending of the Spirit, and promised second coming?and our participation in this mystery. Liturgy enacts in the here and now Christ?s mystery and sends each one of us forth to live this mystery. Anyone involved with liturgical planning and preparation will benefit from using this resource, including pastors, pastoral ministers, liturgy directors, musicians, and liturgy committee members. Living LiturgyTM also assists those who serve the community in the visible liturgical ministries?presiders, deacons, music ministers, hospitality ministers, altar ministers, lectors, eucharistic ministers?because it clearly shows that each ministry deserves not only practical preparation but even more importantly spiritual preparation, suggestions that are a key component of Living LiturgyTM. Further, catechumens, candidates, and sponsors use Living LiturgyTM to support and deepen their liturgical journey within the RCIA. Members of faith-sharing groups use this resource as the focus of weekly prayer and reflection together. Parents and teachers improve their ministry by simplifying Living LiturgyTM when sharing it with younger members of the liturgical community.?Living Liturgy: Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities, Year C continues to offer variety and interesting change to the routine. . . . Perfect for home use or to prepare for weekly liturgy. . . It includes help for the celebration, ideas for catechesis on the particular event, and ways to understand the readings more deeply. Finally, it includes sample questions from which priests, deacons, lay groups, ministers, and others can jump off into deeper discussion.? Crux of the News?The comprehensive content and inviting layout of Living Liturgy make it a premier liturgical resource.? WritingWorks?Using Living Liturgy for eucharistic celebrations helps me a lot. New to the parish this book is my constant reference for my homily.? Fr. Avelino Balatucan Blessed Sacrament Church Harbour Island, Bahamas?I really enjoy this book. This is my third one. I use it to discuss the upcoming readings with my senior high youth group.? Michelle B. Karam?As more and more people become involved in the preparation of Mass, and as Collaborative Ministry becomes more of a reality, this type of a book becomes invaluable. But it?s also an excellent resource for every Mass goer. Anyone interested in preparing for their Sunday Mass and living out the liturgy in their own life would find it indispensable. Many more of us, priests, pastoral ministers and people who celebrate the Eucharist each Sunday are aware that our most important activity each week is the time we spend preparing the weekly liturgy. We can do that work well by preparing the texts for each Sunday Eucharist. We can do that even better by having a copy of Living LiturgyTM to study and ponder and pray with, either alone or in a group, each week. . . . This volume will be the user?s best investment of the year.? Prairie Messenger?I have been the liturgy coordinator of a large parish in Rochester, New York for almost three years and when I arrived here I was introduced to Living LiturgyTM. In the past three years copies have been given to all members of our Liturgy Committee and our Liturgical Reflection Committee. We use it as a resource for the Sunday liturgy planning. I personally use the General Intercessions for weekend liturgies. They are well written and creative enough to use as is. I have recommended this book to other people in other parishes and find the seasonal information very valuable and enriching. Overall I recommend the use of this fine resource for religious educators as well and for small Christian communities. It covers all groups as I see it.? Sister Barbara Baker, M.H.S.H. Pastoral Associate St. Charles Borromeo Church Rochester, New York?This is a resource that is useful for all liturgical ministers. It aids those who use it to live the Paschal Mystery on a daily basis. I have used it for several years for personal prayer and reflection in preparing my homily and to preside at Sunday Eucharist. By following the day-by-day suggestions on the bookmark, it has aided in my personal preparation and prayer for the coming Sunday.? Fr. Richard Siefer Pastor St. Catherine and St. Joseph DuBois, Pennsylvania?Living LiturgyTM is a magnificent resource that helps liturgy come alive and present in the parish. The set-up creates a user-friendly guide to understanding the message of each Sunday through the lens of the paschal mystery, which deepens the faith of all the ministers. This has been a great foundation and teaching tool for training our ministers. I have seen a big improvement in our liturgies since we began using Living LiturgyTM.? Timothy Johnston Quincy, Illinois?This is a great resource . . . check it out.? Today?s Parish"Living LiturgyTM now sits right next to my Lectionary and Sacramentary as a primary source for liturgical planning, and my own personal preparation for entering into liturgical celebration. An absolute must for liturgists, pastors, and parish music ministers." David Haas, composer, workshop leader Director of The Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer, and Ministry"Living LiturgyTM is superb and a valuable addition to material that is useful in assisting the spiritual growth of liturgical ministers and preparation for Sunday celebration. It is a jubilee grace on the pilgrimage to becoming a profoundly Eucharistic people." Glenn Kuhnel Liturgy Office Diocese of St. Augustine"I am impressed with the inclusion of all of the areas of ministry in the preparation process, especially the questions for reflection. The emphasis on catechesis is helpful as we continue to acknowledge the way in which the liturgy expresses our faith." Sr. Lois Paha, O.P. Worship Office Director Diocese of Austin?This would be an excellent year-round basic resource for SCCs.? Buena Vista Ink?. . . touches on every minister and gives each of us the spiritual foundation so needed today. Of course the educational component is there as well. I congratulate you on such an excellent publication. Keep feeding us in the vineyard.? Sr. Mary Xavier McKenna, D.C.?Looking for a new and insightful preparation for the liturgy? Here it is. Good format. Catechesis is very helpful. Daily life and celebration are incorporated. Many good appropriate suggestions for liturgical music. This is a very practical tool for weekly Mass preparation for a wide audience. Cover is color and appealing. Artwork and design are tastefully done.? The Catholic Journalist?This is an excellent resource that contains not only helpful biblical insights for each Sunday but a methodology focusing on the spiritual, liturgical, and catechetical aspects of a specific celebration.? Ministry & Liturgy?Living Liturgy? is an invaluable resource for all involved in the planning of good liturgy! When choosing music for our liturgies, my planning committee and I sit with

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