Living out a Dream

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AuthorHouse, Jun 18, 2012 - Family & Relationships - 338 pages
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This story opens with a thirteen-year-old boy whose name is Appy. Throughout his life he develops a strong and special relationship with a priest and nun at St. Matthew orphanage where he was raised since birth. Even though he was a disadvantaged child, Appy made his life worthwhile through the choices he made both early on and in adulthood. He astounds the reader as he grows-up to be an intelligent, considerate, and loving man. The reader will find the story both sad and beautiful. It touches on religion only to the extent that it takes place in a Catholic orphanage where children are raised by priests and nuns until adopted out or reach the age of eighteen. This read takes many twists and turns. Most especially a love story between two unselfish people who set out to make a difference in the lives of children, family, and friends. Unfortunately, a tragic event happens that will change everyones life. Its main characters weave a sweet and simple encounter with children in different stages of their development from babies and toddlers to teens. It also displays a modernistic touch, wherein, much of the story is communicated through the new digital wave (e-mail).

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About the author (2012)

At the age of fifty-seven, I received an Associate of Liberal Arts Degree and took French courses recently. My mother was French and was fluent in the language, but she never wanted her children to learn French, which I found strange. She apparently had her reasons. Ironically, the only words I learned from her were not so nice and were heard only when she was mad at someone or something. I personally think it is a beautiful language and have used a little in my story. It shouldn’t distract the reader. College wasn’t something my parents could hope to give their children due to circumstances that were beyond their control. In the course of attending classes later in my life, I began to enjoy writing essay papers, even though, in the beginning my English comp. 101 teacher made mention, ‘Your writings are always very mature, but all over the place. Put it together, and your works will be very good.’ That was a wake up call for me. Here in “Living Out A Dream” I strived to be coherent and make this an interesting and enjoyable story for my readers. As a wife of fifty-two years, a mother of three, a grandmother of eight, and a great-grandmother of two, and at seventy-one years of age; I hope that my family will one day place my book on their coffee table in memory of my works. After all, how many grandmothers write a book. I have fallen in love with the children in “Living Out A Dream,” as I am sure the reader will, as well. I also hope that the readers of “Living Out A Dream” will occasionally feel the humor in my soul. I, indeed, hope you enjoy!

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