Livy, Volume 1

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Harper & Brothers, 1844

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Pagina 355 - Capitol and citadel, commending to their valor and youthful vigor the remaining fortune of their city, which, through the course of three hundred and sixty years, had ever been victorious in all its wars. When those who carried with them every hope and every resource, parted with the others, who had determined not to survive the capture and destruction of the city, the view which it exhibited was sufficient to call forth the liveliest feelings, the women at the same time running up and down in distraction,...
Pagina 358 - ... belonging to them, but merely their own persons, much more deserving of commiseration, indeed, than any before who were ever beleaguered ; as by the siege which they had to sustain they were excluded from their native city, whilst they saw every thing which they held dear in the power of the enemy.
Pagina 122 - ... it, reduced to the last stage of decay; from thence it appeared that the office of the belly itself was not confined to a slothful indolence; that it not only received nourishment, but supplied it to the others, conveying to every part of the body that blood on which depend our life and vigour by distributing it equally through the veins after having brought it to perfection by digestion of the food.
Pagina 355 - During that night, however, and also the following day, the state preserved a character, very different from that which such a dastardly flight at the Allia had indicated : for there being no room to hope, that the city could possibly be defended by the small number of troops remaining, a resolution was taken, that the young men who were fit to bear arms, and the abler part of the senate, with their wives and children, should go up into the citadel and the Capitol ; and having collected stores of...
Pagina 82 - Brutus judged that the ex^ pression of Apollo had another meaning, and as if he had accidentally stumbled and fallen, he touched the earth with his lips, considering that she was the common mother of all mankind. On their return from thence to Rome, they found vigorous preparations going on for a war against the Rutulians.
Pagina 190 - Here, they may receive instruction, who despise every quality which man can boast, in comparison with riches; and who think, that those who possess them can alone have merit, and to such alone honours and distinctions belong. Lucius Quintius, the now sole hope of the people, and of the empire of Rome, cultivated a farm of four acres on the other side of the Tiber! at this time called the Quintian meadows, opposite to the very spot where the dock-yard stands. There he was found by the...
Pagina 356 - Meanwhile at Rome, when every disposition for the defence of the citadel had been completed, as far as was possible in such a conjuncture, the aged crowd withdrew to their houses, and there, with a firmness of mind not to be shaken by the approach of death, waited the coming of the enemy : such of them as had held curule offices choosing to die in that garb which displayed the emblems of their former fortune, of their...
Pagina 51 - Fuffetius, if you were capable of learning to preserve faith, and a regard to treaties, I should suffer you to live, and supply you with instructions ; but your disposition is incurable : let your punishment, then, teach mankind to consider those things as sacred, which you have dared to violate. As, therefore, you lately kept your mind divided between the interest of the Fidenatians and of the Romans, so shall you now have your body divided and torn in pieces.
Pagina 357 - ... during the night, and as they had neither met any dangerous opposition in the field nor were now taking the city by storm or force, they marched next day without any anger or any heat of passion into the city through the Colline gate, which stood open, and advanced to the Forum, casting round their eyes on the temples of the gods and on the citadel, the only place which had the appearance of making resistance. From thence, leaving a small guard to prevent any attack from the citadel or capitol,...
Pagina 356 - ... conjuncture, the aged crowd withdrew to their houses and there, with a firmness of mind not to be shaken by the approach of death, waited the coming of the enemy; such of them as had held curule offices, choosing to die in that garb which displayed the emblems of their former fortune, of their honours, or of their merit, put on the most splendid robes worn when they draw the chariots of the gods in procession or ride in triumph. Thus habited, they seated themselves in their ivory chairs at the...

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