Lizards: A Natural History of Some Uncommon Creatures, Extraordinary Chameleons, Iguanas, Geckos, and More

Voyageur Press, 2002 - 160 sivua
Looks at the behavior and physical characteristics of twenty-nine lizard species.

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Lizards: a natural history of some uncommon creatures, extraordinary chameleons, iguanas, geckos, and more

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With the death of Netherton, this book will be the last collaboration between the gifted photographer and journalism professor Badger. Like their earlier volumes, Frogs and Snakes, this work is ... Lue koko arvostelu


Chapter 2
Limbs and Locomotion
Ears and Hearing

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David Badger is a professor of journalism at Middle Tennessee State University, where he teaches magazine writing, feature writing, arts criticism and film history. He is the author of three natural history books - Frogs (Voyageur Press), Snakes (Voyageur Press, and Frogs WorldLife Library (Voyageur Press) -- and has edited nine others. He is a former book critic and columnist for the Nashville Tennessean and a former film critic for Nashville Public Radio.

John Netherton, a nature photographer for more than thirty years, lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and was the father of three sons, Jason, Joshua, and Erich. His photography appeared in many national magazines, including Audubon, Natural History, National Wildlife, Nikon World, Popular Photography, Birder's World, and WildBird, and he was a regular columnist for Outdoor Photographer. He was the photographer of over ten books, including the Voyageur Press titles Frogs (1995) and Snakes (1999), both with text by David Badger, and At the Water's Edge: Wading Birds of North America. His other titles are Radnor Lakes: Nashville's Walden; A Guide to Photography and the Smoky Mountains; Florida: A Guide to Nature and Photography; Tennessee: A Homecoming; Big South Fork Country (with Senator Howard Baker); Tennessee Wonders: A Pictorial Guide to the Parks; Of Breath and Earth: A Book of Days; and Tennessee: A Bicentennial Celebration.

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