Loaded Blessings

Front Cover
Faith Quintero, Apr 29, 2019 - Fiction - 392 pages

Alternating between Inquisition-era Spain and modern day Israel, Loaded Blessings is the story of a family who loses almost everything as they flee into exile, but is left with a powerful heirloom that reaches across time.

Abi Segil, an American archaeologist, jumps at the chance to examine artifacts from a sunken ship discovered off the coast of Tel Aviv. Ever since she inherited a centuries old Sabbath candlestick holder, she has been yearning to find its counterpart. She believes it could be among the artifacts of the medieval wreckage.

Five centuries earlier, in Castilian Seville, Sancia Pareja watches her community succumb to the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition. She is eventually forced to make a gut-wrenching decision: convert from her Jewish faith, leave the only land she s ever known, or accept death at the hands of a royal edict. When her Catholic friend, Baltasar, crafts a set of bronze candlestick holders for her to take on her journey, she has no idea how his gift will reverberate through time.

Includes an extensive facts within the fiction appendix and a list of informational resources.

About the author (2019)

Loaded Blessings is Faith's first novel. She graduated from Emerson College, earning a BS in Mass Communication and then from Harvard University, earning an M.Ed., focusing on human development and psychology. She attended a semester at Tel Aviv University in Israel and worked as a volunteer on a banana plantation in Kibbutz Magal. She wishes for a peaceful world for all, with many blessings, loaded or otherwise.

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