Localized two-dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopy on a whole-body scanner

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University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1994 - Health & Fitness - 472 pages

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2D DQ 2D MQ 2D NMR 2D plot 2D resolved 2D resolved contour 2D resolved spectroscopy 2D spectroscopy 2D ZQ 90o RF pulse acquired acquisition alanine along Fj amplitude antiphase apodization function bandwidth Basic quantum mechanics basis set BQ field BQ inhomogeneity bra-ket notation cerebral CH2 group chemical shift choline coherence transfer contour plot corn oil correlated spectroscopy COSY experiment coupled spins coupling constant cross-peaks data points data set density matrix density operator dephased diagonal digital resolution digital resolution along dimension double-quantum doublet DQ frequency eigenstates eigenvalues energy levels evolution expectation value F2 ppm Figure filtered COSY final RF pulse Fourier transform FWHM GABA Glucose glutamate glutamine gradient pulses gray matter Hamiltonian Hard pulse Hilbert space However HR-NMR human brain ID MR Spectrum ID spectrum inositol lactate Larmor frequency linear prediction lipid signal Localized 2D Magn magnetic field gradient magnetic quantum matrix theory metabolites MQ coherences multiple quantum coherences multiple-quantum multiplet myo-inositol n-acetyl aspartate NMR Spectroscopy Nuclear Magnetic Resonance nuclear spin observed orthonormal basis P. S. Allen Pascal's triangle peaks period phantom phase encoding post-processing precession product operator proton Proton NMR pulse sequence Pulsed Field Gradients quantum coherences radiofrequency resolved contour plot Reson scanner SECSY secular equation selected voxel shown in Fig signal singlet slice slice-refocusing gradient slice-select gradient slice-selective slice-selective RF pulses spatial specific absorption rate spectra spectrometers spin quantum spin system spin-spin coupling spin-spin relaxation stimulated echo strong coupling T2 relaxation taurine techniques thermal equilibrium tj increments transverse plane Two-Dimensional vivo voxel wave function whole-body scanner zero-quantum zero-quantum coherences

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