Logic, Or, The Right Use of Reason in the Enquiry After Truth: With a Variety of Rules to Guard Against Error in the Affairs of Religion and Human Life as Well as in the Sciences

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booksellers, 1802 - Conduct of life - 300 pages

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Page 152 - Certainty, according to the schools, is distinguished into objective and subjective. Objective certainty, is when the proposition is certainly true in itself; and subjective, when we are certain of the truth of it. The one is in things, the other is in our minds.
Page 69 - TC'URNISH yourself ^with a rich variety • of ideas ; acquaint yourselves with things ancient and modern; things natural, civil and religious ; things domestic a'nd national ; things of your native land, and of foreign countries ; things present, past, and future...
Page 247 - When the consequent is contradicted in the minor proposition, that the antecedent may be contradicted in the conclusion : as, If atheists are in the right, then the world exists without a cause; but the world does not exist without a cause ; therefore, atheists...
Page 9 - Reason is the glory of human nature, and one of the chief eminences whereby we are raised above our fellowcreatures, the brutes, in this lower world."—L. Introduction. I have before showed an error in the first sentence of Doctor Watts's work. This is the second sentence. The words,
Page 72 - To shorten something of this labor, if the books which you read are your own, mark with a pen, or pencil, the most considerable things in them which you desire to remember. Thus you may read that book the second time over with half the trouble, by your eye running over the paragraphs which your pencil has noted...
Page 12 - Judgment is that operation of the mind, wherein we join two or more ideas together by one affirmation or negation : that is, we either affirm or deny this to be that. So this tree is high ; that...
Page 247 - The conditional or hypothetical syllogism, is that whose major or minor, or both, are conditional propositions ; as, If there be a God, the world is governed by Providence ; but there is a God ; therefore the world is governed by Providence.
Page 70 - ... other cities and countries when you have seen your own, under the care of one who can teach you to profit by travelling, and to make wise...
Page 245 - Therefore, the nurse came not to the consultation. 555. (III.) Or comparative propositions ; as, Knowledge is better than riches ; Virtue is better than knowledge ; Therefore, virtue is better than riches. Or thus : A dove will fly a mile in a minute ; A swallow flies swifter than a dove ; Therefore, a swallow will fly more than a mile in a minute.
Page 72 - I persuade myself, that you did not buy it- as a bookseller, to sell it again for gain, but as a scholar to improve your mind by it ; and if the mind be improved, your advantage is .abundant, though your book yields les.s mopey to your executors.

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