London Medical and Physical Journal, Bind 38

John Souter, 1817
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Side 440 - A Practical Inquiry into the Causes of the frequent Failure of the Operations of Depression...
Side 72 - So slight and nearly imperceptible are the first inroads of this malady, and so extremely slow is its progress, that it rarely happens that the patient can form any recollection of the precise period of its commencement.
Side 200 - Their mode of performing this operation is summary enough: a bandage being tied with some degree of firmness round the upper part of the scrotum, so as to steady the diseased mass, at the same time that the scrotum is closely expanded over it, an incision is made with bamboo, just large enough to allow the testicle to pass, which being separated from its cellular connexions, the cord is divided, and thus ends the operation: they neither tie the cord, nor take any pains to stop the bleeding; but,...
Side 393 - November the same year, he was admitted a Member of the College of Surgeons. But a change of scene only carried with it a change of perplexities. His partner in a short time became jealous of his talents, and of his rising popularity ; and had recourse to the basest means of injuring his reputation.
Side 202 - There was also a man living at the island of Vavaoo who had lost a leg in consequence of the bite of a shark, which is not a very uncommon accident ; but there was something unusual in this man's particular case : his leg was not bitten off, but the flesh was almost completely torn away from about five inches below the knee down to the foot, leaving the tibia and fibula greatly exposed, and the foot much mangled : he was one of those who chose to perform his own operations ; with persevering industry,...
Side 202 - ... along the back of which a longitudinal incision is then made to the extent of about half an inch, either with bamboo or shell (the latter is preferred) ; this incision is carried through the outer fold, and the beginning of the inner fold, the remainder of the latter being afterwards torn open with the fingers : the end of the penis is then wrapped up in the leaf of a tree called...
Side 200 - ... in diameter, and gave him, at times, severe lancinating pains : two or three times he was about to have the operation performed by a native of Fiji, but his courage failed him when he came to the trial. One day, when Mr. Mariner was with him, he suddenly determined to perform the operation on himself; and it was not much sooner said than done : he tied on the bandage; opened the scrotum with a very steady hand, in a fit of desperation divided the cord and cellular substance together, and fell...
Side 198 - They never allow females to be near men thus wounded, lest the mere stimulus of venereal desire should indue? this dangerous complaint. As to cutting the hair and nails, they positively assert that the mere sensation of these simple and common operations has not unfrequently been productive of these dreadful consequences. The man •whose case we have just mentioned was eight months without being washed, shaved, or having had his hair or nails cut. Gita is a disease very common among the Tonga people...
Side 120 - One leg of Dr. Akenside was considerably shorter than the other, which was, in some measure, remedied by the aid of a false heel. He had a pale atrumous countenance, but was always very neat and elegant in his dress.
Side 469 - ... of the palate or mouth, which is not permanent, but comes and soon goes off again. At length little specks or small ulcerations, extending no deeper than the cuticle, are seen on the interior surface of the mouth, and over the tongue, so that some degree of excoriation or rawness is at last produced.

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