London Passed and Passing: A Pictorial Record of Destroyed & Threatened Buildings

I. Pitman, 1908 - 239 sivua
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Sivu 185 - In vain, poor sable son of woe, Thou seek'st the tender tear ; From thee in vain with pangs they flow, For mercy dwells not here. From cannibals thou fled'st in vain ; Lawyers less quarter give ; The first won't eat you till you're slain, The last will do't alive.
Sivu 216 - I dined (said he) very well for eight-pence, with very good company, at the Pine Apple in Newstreet, just by. Several of them had travelled. They expected to meet every day ; but did not know one another's names. It used to cost the rest a shilling, for they drank wine ; but I had a cut of meat for six-pence, and bread for a penny, and gave the waiter a penny ; so that I was quite well served, nay, better than the rest, for they gave the waiter nothing.
Sivu 174 - I hear that Goldsmith, who is a very great sloven, justifies his disregard of cleanliness and decency by quoting my practice; and I am desirous this night to show him a better example.
Sivu 177 - There when they came, whereas those bricky towres, The which on Themmes brode aged backe doe ryde, Where now the studious Lawyers have their bowers There whylome wont the Templer Knights to byde, Till they decayd through pride...
Sivu 170 - Bailey's dictionary in folio he made the repository of the several articles, and these he collected by incessant reading the best authors in our language, in the practice whereof, his method was to score with a blacklead pencil the words by him selected, and give them over to his assistants to insert in their places.
Sivu 194 - That we have, that we have, that we have : in faith, Sir John, we have : our watch-word was " Hem boys ! " Come, let's to dinner ; come, let's to dinner : Jesus, the days that we have seen ! Come, come.
Sivu 170 - The books he used for this purpose were what he had in his own collection, a copious but a miserably ragged one, and all such as he could borrow ; which latter, if ever they came back to those that lent them, were so defaced as to be scarce worth owning, and yet, some of his friends were glad to receive and entertain them as curiosities.
Sivu 126 - The spacious and elegant open-roofed hall of Gray's Inn, the erection of which was completed in the year 1560, is one of the only two buildings now remaining in London in which, so far as we know, any of the plays of Shakespeare were performed in his own time.
Sivu 64 - Friars house for the poor fatherless children; and in the month of November the children were taken into the same, to the number of almost four hundred. On Christmas day, in the afternoon, while the lord mayor and aldermen rode to Paules, the children of Christ's hospital stood, from St. Lawrence lane end in...
Sivu 227 - The gratuity was often eight, and occasionally ten pounds. While the works at Whitehall were in progress, a commission was appointed by the Crown " to plant and reduce to uniformity Lincoln's Inn Fields, as it shall be drawn by way of map or ground plot by Inigo Jones.

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