London Society, Том 25

Передня обкладинка
James Hogg, Florence Marryat
William Clowes and Sons, 1874

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Сторінка 415 - From the long-neck'd geese of the world that are ever hissing dispraise Because their natures are little, and, whether he heed it or not, Where each man walks with his head in a cloud of poisonous flies.
Сторінка 187 - We also wrote our lovers' names upon bits of paper, and rolled them up in clay, and put them into water ; and the first that rose up was to be our valentine. Would you think it ? — Mr Blossom was my man. I lay abed and shut my eyes all the morning, till he came to our house ; for I would not have seen another man before him for all the world.
Сторінка 142 - Their line is gone out through all the earth, And their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, And rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the end of the heaven, And his circuit unto the ends of it : And there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.
Сторінка 215 - ... this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord : which say to the seers, " See not ; " and to the prophets, " Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits...
Сторінка 275 - At present individuals are lost in the crowd. In politics it is almost a triviality to say that public opinion now rules the world. The only power deserving the name is that of masses, and of governments while they make themselves the organ of the tendencies and instincts of masses.
Сторінка 184 - Glory is the reward of science, and those who deserve it, scorn all meaner views : I speak not of the scribblers for bread, who tease the press with their wretched productions ; fourteen years is too long a privilege for their perishable trash. It was not for gain, that Bacon, Newton, Milton, Locke, instructed and delighted the world...
Сторінка 411 - Thick set with agate, and the azure sheen Of turkis blue, and emerald green, That in the channel strays ; Whilst from off the waters fleet, Thus I set my printless feet O'er the cowslip's velvet head, That bends not as I tread ; Gentle swain, at thy request I am here.
Сторінка 184 - When the bookseller offered Milton five pounds for his Paradise Lost, he did not reject it, and commit his poem to the flames ; nor did he accept the miserable pittance as the reward of his labor. He knew that the real price of his work was immortality, and that posterity would pay it.
Сторінка 55 - It's no great matter whether I see them to-night, or not, for nine of them have such bad constitutions that all the physicians in the world can't save them ; and the other six have such good constitutions that all the physicians in the world can't kill them.
Сторінка 504 - How now, are you up yet?" was greeted with the angry retort : "Nay, what do you do here at this time of night? Will you never leave the company of that loose woman? And seeing that you do so neglect my advice, I desire that tomorrow morning we may part; and that you will let me have that portion which is due to me; and then I will leave you free to yourself, to stand on your own legs.

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