London, by David Hughson, Volume 4

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Page 481 - you sec, Or like the Blossom on the Tree, Or like the dainty Flower of May, Or like the Morning of the Day ; Or like the Sun-, or like the Shade, Or like the Gourd which Jonas had. Even so is Man, whose Thread is spun, Drawn out, and cut, and so is done. The
Page 303 - he was, he received the reply, that he was in the Jerusalem Chamber; he is supposed to have exclaimed : " Sacred be to God ! even then my life must end. It hath been prophesied to me many years I should not die bat In Jerusalem, Which
Page 299 - up to the bust of Milton: No more the Grecian Muse unrivall'd reigns; To Britain let the nations homage pay. She felt a Homer's fire in Milton's strains, A Pindar's rapture in the lyre of Gray. . Died July 30, 1771, aged fifty-four. A neat piece of sculpture. The
Page 418 - I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies, and of all the truth which thou hast shewed unto thy
Page 236 - with arrogancy, spleen, and pride. You have, by fortune, and his highness' favours, Gone slightly o'er slow steps; and now are mounted Where powers are your retainers: and your words Domestics to you, serve your will, as 't please Yourself pronounce their office. I must
Page 552 - with a golden chain, whose office was to introduce to the queen any person of distinction, that came to wait on her : it was Sunday, when there is usually the greatest attendance of nobility. In the same hall were the archbishop of Canterbury, the bishop of
Page 368 - Near this place is interred / THEODORE KING OF CORSICA ; who died in this Parish, Dec. 11, 1756, immediately after leaving the King's Bench Prison by the benefit of an Act of Insolvency; in. consequence of which he registered his Kingdom of Corsica, for the use of his
Page 484 - Mens Mouths rehearse; His Virtues and his Pills are so well known, That Envy can't confine them under Stone. But they'll survive his Dust, and not expire, Till all things else at th' Universal Fire. This Verse is lost, his Pills Embalm him safe To future times, without an Epitaph. Deceased April 26 AD 1672. aged 72.
Page 328 - each side: this extraordinary and superfluous space occasioned such an undulation from the voice of every actor, that generally what they said sounded like the gabbling of so many people in the lofty aisles of a cathedral. The tone of a trumpet, or swelling of an eunuch's holding note, it is true, might be sweetened by
Page 503 - of his present majesty, are to cease and determine immediately after the payment of certain sums therein mentioned ; and that the said intended road might be lighted, watched, and kept in repair, at the expence of a small toll thereon; and therefore praying, that leave may be given to bring in a bill, tor

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