Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of the Southerwest

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SCB Distributors, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 585 pages
Popular Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress takes to the road again in search of lost cities and ancient mysteries. This time he is off to the American Southwest, traversing the region's deserts, mountains and forests investigating archeological mysteries and the unexplained. Join David as he starts in northern Mexico and searches for the lost mines of the Aztecs. He continues north to west Texas, delving into the mysteries of Big Bend, including mysterious Phoenician tablets discovered there and the strange lights of Marfa. He continues northward into New Mexico where he stumbles upon a hollow mountain with a billion dollars of gold bars hidden deep inside it! In Arizona he investigates tales of Egyptian catacombs in the Grand Canyon, cruises along the Devil's Highway, and tackles the century-old mystery of the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman mine. In Nevada and California Childress checks out the rumors of mummified giants and weird tunnels in Death Valley, plus he searches the Mohave Desert for the mysterious remains of ancient dwellers alongside lakes that supposedly dried up tens of thousands of years ago. It's a full-tilt blast down the back roads of the Southwest in search of the weird and wondrous mysteries of the past!

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Dear Mr. Childress,
My e-mail letter is to tell you what I've learned through our Heavenly Fathers' Original Hebrew Manuscripts! As I'm watching the Ancient Aliens on History channel! You're
speaking of Pyramids' on Antarctica 🇦🇶! Let's me explain to you what Father teaches us of His Magnificent Earth 🌏!!! Did you know This Earth 🌏 is Fathers' Favorite place in His entire Universe! In fact the Land of Israel is His favorite Spot in His entire Universe!! Once one learnes the ultimate Truth of The Three World 🌎 Earth 🌏 Ages!! This Flesh World 🌎 we're living in on this Earth 🌏 is the Second Earth 🌏 Age!! The First Earth 🌏 Age was when Dinosaurs rheum but, understand we'd resided here as well!! Father, teaches us there weren't any oceans, seas, lakes, etc. The only waters here were lagoons which released the Animals as these Dinosaurs which walked here alone side of we, Elohim, Father, His Son,Yeshua d Messiah= "Wisdom", His Arch-Angels as Michael, Gabrie etc. and the Chrubs as Lucifer! His job was to Cover the Throne of Father=Yahveh El! This Earth 🌏 was perfect in all its ways! All land mass! Father, Teaches us He'd built His Altar in the Misth of Egypt 🇪🇬! The Giant Pyramid belongs only To Him! Nary any human mankind ever built this Magnificent Pyramid!! As per these other pyramids' throughout the world 🌎 was built by Us, His Elohim!! Being of a, Celestial Bodies we'd resided here multi-Millions of Years or as Father states: "Millenniums" time was no issue in the Eyes of our Heavenly Fathers' time!! To mankind it's 1000 yrs. Flesh man! The Vehicals which we'd all drove are explained beautifully in Ezekiel as one reads it in the Original Hebrew Manuscripts! As in "The Masorrectic text!" The word 'Amber' which Ezekiel writes to describe the color of these Vehical Father rode in as His Angels ( have no wings as birds) no Wings explaines these Flying Vehicles as (Whirelwinds and horses) etc. merely means These Amber Vehicals! Amber= "HIGHLY POLISHED BRONZE VEHICLES" these are the wings Angels rode in as our Fathers' largest one of all!! Ezekiel did a, marvelous job for a, flesh man which had known only cart and donkeys! His wheel in a, wheels just explains it was as a, wheel laying on it's back as Horizontal not Vertical as Wheels on buggys! These pyramids in Antarctica 🇦🇶, off Japan 🇯🇵 in the oceans, Peru 🇵🇪 etc. around the world 🌎 were built in the First Earth 🌏 Age!! As Stonehenge, Carving in Nasca lines, Easter Island, Pumapunku, Pyramids of Giza as I've explained as per the Largest one is Father, Himself!! His Altar! So what if the Egyptians carved the insides they've not the human flesh which had that brilliant minds and strength to construct such an Awesome Monument as our Father Could!! His Holy Word explains every question of Mysteries written is in The Holy Hebrew Manuscripts!! Just thought to enlighten you as per the Icey Antarctica! There was No Water other than Lagoons! When Lucifer rebelled against our Father, caused our Father to bring all His living Beings to another Planet 🌎 north of Earth 🌏 and we, call it Heaven today and Father brought forth all waters from every Planet and His Firmament to rush forth upon His most beautiful of Creation Earth 🌏! He'd stated He'd destroyed every Building, Cities and Structures which we'd built as we'd been living here many millennias ago!! Men today, speak of The City of Atlantis is because the Fallen Angels= Nephilim when they'd came upon earth 🌏 during the 6th. Day Race was created on the 6th.Day of Mankind! In Genesis as the Scriptures teaches us Father built His Earth 🌏 in 5 Days: Just means He'd rejuvenated His Earth 🌏 to bring in This Second Earth 🌏 Age!! Flesh Age!! The Gen. 1:1:= the Earth 🌏 was void and darkness just means He, Father brought this void and Darkness upon Earth 🌏 when He'd brought total 

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Jose M. Narvaez's 1830 map of Alta California was not published - there are two manuscripts of it: one, in the California State Library in Sacramento and the other, in the Bancroft Library in Berkeley. The inscription in the San Joaquin Valley reads "Cienegas o Tulares," not "Cienegas de Tulares" on this map. - Tony Arioli 



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David is a popular author and television star. He is currently on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens.

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