Love and Power: The Psychology of Interpersonal Creativity

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Ninth Street Center, 1966 - Interpersonal relations - 232 pages
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Page 139 - What civilized man has done to aid himself in keeping empathetic sexuality in its place is to develop the concept of sin, putting the mark of socially reinforced shame on sexual passion which tends to emerge outside of the prescribed patterns of feeling. The more threatening sexuality is to the continuity of family feeling, the greater the sinfulness is taken to be, and therefore incest is the most dangerous.
Page 47 - All men are required to establish masculine social roles, and all women feminine ones. They bring these traits to each other in their adaptive social intercourse, and the contrast in their social identities provides a basic feminine warmth and masculine pride which colors social interactions.
Page 140 - Only idealism can find the true development that is taking place, and only the sense of reality which reaches for new human resources can be trusted to discover the right basis of human morality.
Page 98 - Since social change of a creative kind is not initiated by external social pressures but by the need of particular individuals to live in a better human world, and especially by their need to leave a better world behind them for the benefit of future generations...
Page 42 - Only certain general characteristics are established by social influences. Within this broad social identity there is room for the marital partners to create the kind of interaction which best serves their personal needs.
Page 156 - The struggle for an expanding self-knowledge and self-control will be short lived indeed if the individual is not prepared to live in such a way as to retain access to a long continuing search for truth and to an enduring exploration of the right.
Page 141 - It is also true that the successful family is a homogenous one in which the similar character specialization of the parents creates the necessary background for the character development of the children.
Page 123 - Magic uses its own kind of authoritative knowledge and measures its effect through the sense of power it bestows on the thinker instead of through the revelation of the truth.
Page 148 - A world which ignores human problems and bypasses human obstacles cannot expect to find the necessary insights and mastery when crises threaten the stable equilibrium of society.
Page 20 - When men interact on such a basis, they are in a position to deal with human problems and obstacles, and social life becomes an expanding entity which makes room for personal growth.

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