Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon

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Springer Science & Business Media, 17 бер. 2010 р. - 329 стор.

In 1967, Lunar Orbiter Mission 4 sent back to Earth a superb series of photographs of the surface of the Moon, despite severe degradation caused by scanning artifacts and the reconstruction processes involved in transmission from lunar orbit.

Using 21st century techniques, Charles Byrne – previously System Engineer of the Apollo Program for Lunar Orbiter Photography – has removed the artifacts and imperfections to produce the most comprehensive and beautifully detailed set of images of the lunar surface.

The book has been organized to make it easy for astronomers to use, enabling ground-based images and views to be compared with the Orbiter photographs. The photographs are striking for their consistent Sun angles (for uniform appearance). All features have been identified with their current IAU-approved names, and each photograph has been located in terms of latitude and longitude. To help practical astronomers, all the photographs are systematically related to an Earth-based view.


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Chapter 1 Overview of the Atlas
Chapter 2 Lunar Orbiter Mission 4
Chapter 3 Overview of the Near Side of the Moon
Chapter 4 Organization of the Photos
Chapter 5 Orientale Basin Region
Chapter 6 Humorum Basin Region
Chapter 7 Imbrium Basin Region
Chapter 8 Nectaris Basin Region
Chapter 10 Eastern Basins Region
Chapter 11 North Polar Region
Chapter 12 South Polar Region
Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon
General Index
IAU Named Features

Chapter 9 Serenitatis Basin Region

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Charlie Byrne worked as a systems engineer at Bellcomm, for support of the Lunar Orbiter project. He is currently carrying out research about the Moon, and was the discoverer of the gigantic "near side megabasin" that covers nearly all of the near side of the Moon and whose ejecta has established the shape of the far side of the Moon.

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