Lusitanian Sketches of the Pen and Pencil, Volume 2


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Pagina 124 - ... master whom he loved so well, And who had thus again forsaken him. Siverian's helm and cuirass on the grass Lay near ; and Julian's sword, its hilt and chain Clotted with blood ; but where was he whose hand Had wielded it so well that glorious day? . . . Days, months, and years, and generations pass'd, And centuries held their course, before, far off Within a hermitage near Viseu's walls A humble tomb was found, which bore inscribed In ancient characters King Roderick's name. FROM 'THALABA.
Pagina 33 - It was evidently necessary to fight, although Massena had seventy thousand veterans, and lord Wellington could only bring about fifty thousand men into line, more than half of which were untried soldiers. The consequences of such a battle were not, however, to be estimated by the result on the field. The French general might indeed gain every thing by a victory ; but, if defeated, his powerful cavalry and the superior composition and experience of his army would prevent it from being very injurious...
Pagina 269 - British instantly charged, but with a shout the gallant fellows soused down upon the squadron, and the latter turning, galloped through the guns ; then the whole mass, friends and enemies, went like a whirlwind to the bottom, carrying away Lord Wellington, and the other generals, who with drawn swords and some difficulty got clear of the tumult. The French horsemen were now quite exhausted, and a reserve squadron of heavy dragoons coming in cut most of them to pieces ; yet their invincible leader,...

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