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Page 92 - Cato, and' make him cut the rope," ses Miss Carline. "and lets see what it is. Come here Cato and git this bag down." "Don't hurt it for the world," ses Miss Mary. Cato untied the rope that was round the jice, and let the bag down easy on the floor, and I tumbled out all covered with corn meal, from hed to foot. "Goodness gracious!" ses Miss Mary, "if it aint the Majer himself!" "Yes," ses I, "and you know you promised to keep my Crismus present as long as you lived.
Page 91 - I thought how she would be sprised in the mornin, and then it went in a canter. Bimeby the cussed old dog come up on the porch and begun to smell about the bag, and then he barked like he thought he'd treed something. "Bow! wow! wow !" ses he. Then he'd smell agin, and try to git up to the bag. " Git out !" ses I, very low, for fear they would hear me. " Bow ! wow ! wow !" ses he. " Be gone ! you bominable fool...
Page 89 - Majer's got to give me a Crismus gift — won't you, Majer?" "Oh, yes," ses I, "you know I promised you one." "But I didn't mean that" ses she. "I've got one for you, what I want you to keep all your life, but it would take a two bushel bag to hold it,
Page 93 - I'd like to have it all over at once, but young galls always like to be engaged a while, you know, so I spose I must wait a month or so. Mary (she ses I...
Page 90 - you hang up a bag big enough to hold it, and you'll find out what it is, when you see it in the mornin'.' "Miss Carline winked at Miss Kesiah, and then whispered to her — then they both laughed and looked at me as mischievous as they could. They 'spicioned something. " 'You'll be shore to give it to me, now, if I hang up a bag?' ses Miss Mary.
Page 88 - Joseph, to keep all her life," sed Miss Carline. "Ah," ses old Miss Stallins, "when I was a gall we used to hang up our stockins " "Why, mother!" ses all of 'em, "to say stockins rite afore " Then I felt a little streaked too, cause they was all blushin as hard as they could. "Highty-tity!
Page 126 - Given under my hand and seal, this day of , in the year of our Lord , at , in the [county] aforesaid.
Page 92 - ... me too. I tell you what, it was worth hangin in a meal bag from one Crismus to another to feel as happy as I have ever sense. I went home after we had the laugh out, and sot by the fire till I got thawed. In the forenoon all the Stallinses come over to our .house and we had one of the greatest Crismus dinners that ever was seed in Georgia, and I don't believe a happier company ever sot down to the same table. Old Miss Stallins and mother settled the match, and talked over every thing that ever...
Page 88 - I'm makin a transgression, as the preacher ses. Crismus eve I put on my new suit, and shaved my face as slick as a smoothin iron, and after tea went over to old Miss Stallinses. As soon as I went into the parler whar they was all settin round the fire, Miss Carline and Miss Kesiah both laughed right out. "There! there!" ses they, "I told you so! I know'd it would be Joseph." "What's I done, Miss Carline?" ses I. "You come under little sister's chicken bone, and I believe she know'd you was comin...
Page 88 - I'm gwine to keep it as long as I live," ses I, "as a Crismus present from the handsomest gall in Georgia." When I sed that, she blushed worse and worse. "Aint you shamed, Majer?" ses she. "Now you ought to give her a Crismus gift, Joseph, to keep all her life...

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