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William Logan, Malabar, Malabar Manual 

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William Logan's Malabar is popularly known as ‘Malabar Manual’. It is a huge book of more than 500,000 words. It might not be possible for a casual reader to imbibe all the minute bits of information from this book.


However, in this commentary of mine, I have tried to insert a lot of such bits and pieces of information, by directly quoting the lines from ‘Malabar’. On these quoted lines, I have built up a lot of arguments, and also added a lot of explanations and interpretations. I do think that it is much easy to go through my Commentary than to read the whole of William Logan's book 'Malabar'. However, the book, Malabar, contains much more items, than what this Commentary can aspire to contain.


This book, Malabar, will give very detailed information on how a small group of native-Englishmen built up a great nation, by joining up extremely minute bits of barbarian and semi-barbarian geopolitical areas in the South Asian Subcontinent.



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.QUOTE........... the institution of the Onam festival, the great animal festival of the Malayali
, ...................... END OF QUOTE
This has been corrected to:
QUOTE............ the institution of the Onam festival, the great annual festival of the Malayali, ...................... END OF QUOTE
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William Logan was a British official, who did work as a Collector of the Malabar district in the erstwhile Madras Presidency in British India. 

QUOTE: Even though I am not sure about this, I think the book Malabar was made as part of the Madras Presidency government’s endeavour to create a district manual for each of the districts of Madras Presidency. William Logan was a District Collector of the Malabar district of Madras Presidency. The time period of his work in the district is given in this book as:

6th June 1875 to 20th March 1876 (around 9 months) as Ag. Collector.  From 9th May 1878 to 21st April 1879 (around 11 months) as Collector.  From 23rd November 1880 to 3rd February 1881 (around 2 months) as Collector. Then from 23rd January 1883 to 17th April 1883 (around 3 months) as Collector. After all this, he is again posted as the Collector from 22nd November 1884. 

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