M a L C O L M

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Fiction - 548 pages
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Unknown to her, Anne Warmington won t be the only woman to come under the spell of the total stranger who has recently taken up residence in the closely-knit, village com-munity, Malcolm having already succeeded in encroaching on the lives of countless numbers of other women over the years, and in more densely-populated, urban areas, including the East End of London, his criminal activities and his perverted, outdated atti-tude towards the opposite sex, and in particular towards vulner-able, unattached women, for which he has a penchant and with whom he has had unfulfilled sexual relationships, having had a profound impact on him psychologically, encouraging him even further in his relentless search for his ideal woman.Malcolm has been a loner at heart for most of his adult life, which isn t too surprising to those who have gained an insight into his basic character, his occasional obsessive, unhinged behaviour and his mood swings having had the effect of putting people off from getting too closely involved with him, with one exception to the rule, his sister, Shelagh, with whom he has a lot in common, the sinister side of her nature and her dark secrets being equal in measure to his own.Not content with having met and subsequently fallen in love with a young woman who meets up to expectations, and with whom he is sexually compatible, an aspect to which he attaches consid-erable importance, Malcolm is unable to give up the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed, indulging in one night stands and the pursuit of a woman who has so far managed to resist his powers of persuasion and his methods of successfully entic-ing women into his web, and about whom he has fantasized for many long months, leading to his eventual downfall."

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