Machine Drawing: A Text and Problem Book for Technical Students and Draftsmen

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D. Van Nostrand Company, 1921 - Machinery - 214 pages
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Page 27 - Numerals 4to, 2 oo Turnbull, Jr., J., and Robinson, SW A Treatise on the Compound Steam-engine. (Science Series No. 8.). . . i6mo...
Page 22 - Testing i2mo, *i 50 Richardson, J. The Modern Steam Engine 8vo, *3 50 Richardson, SS Magnetism and Electricity I2mo, *2 oo Rideal, S.
Page 7 - Edition 8vo, *7 oo The A i Telegraphic Code 8vo, *7 50 Clerk, D., and Idell, FE Theory of the Gas Engine. (Science Series No. 62.) i6mo, o 50 Clevenger, SR Treatise on the Method of Government Surveying. i6mo, morocco, 2 50 Clouth, F. Rubber, Gutta-Percha, and Balata 8vo, *5 oo Cochran, J.
Page 4 - Beggs, GE Stresses in Railway Girders and Bridges . . . . (In Press.) Begtrup, J. The Slide Valve 8vo, *2 oo Bender, CE Continuous Bridges.
Page 10 - Currents 8vo, *3 oo Centenary of the Electrical Current 8vo, *o 50 Electric Lamps and Electric Lighting 8vo, *3 oo Electrical Laboratory Notes and Forms 4to, *s oo A Handbook for the Electrical Laboratory and Testing Room. Two Volumes 8vo, each, *s oo Fleury, P.
Page 10 - Garforth, WE Rules for Recovering Coal Mines after Explosions and Fires I2mo, leather, i 50 Garrard, CC Electric Switch and Controlling Gear 8vo, *6 oo Gaudard, J.
Page 20 - Paulding, CP Condensation of Steam in Covered and Bare Pipes .8vo, *2 oo Transmission of Heat through Cold-storage Insulation 1 2lII0, *i oo Payne, DW Iron Founders' Handbook (In Press.) Peddie, RA Engineering and Metallurgical Books i2mo, *i 50 Peirce, B.
Page 21 - WJM, and Bamber, EF A Mechanical Textbook 8vo, 3 50 Raphael, FC Localization of Faults in Electric Light and Power Mains 8vo, *3 oo Rathbone, RLB Simple Jewellery 8vo, *2 oo Rateau, A.
Page 21 - Engineering i2mo, *2 50 Rayner, H. Silk Throwing and Waste Silk Spinning 8vo, *2 50 Recipes for the Color, Paint, Varnish, Oil, Soap and Drysaltery Trades. 8vo, *3 50 Recipes for Flint Glass Making i2mo, *4 50 Redfern, JB, and Savin, J.
Page 24 - Testing 8vo, *2 50 Practical Testing of Dynamos and Motors 8vo, *2 oo Smith, FE Handbook of General Instruction for Mechanics... . I2mo, i 50 Smith...

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