Macmillan's Progressive German Course. I.

Front Cover
Macmillan and Company, 1886
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Page 80 - Who has broken this glass ? — I broke it. 2. Does he speak French or English! — He speaks English. 3. Where did you meet him ? — I met him at home. 4. What did you see in the zoological garden? — We saw lions, tigers, elephants, wolves, bears, and other animals. 5. What were you eating just now
Page 60 - despised? — He is so avaricious. 5. Will he be rewarded for his trouble? — I think not. 6. How was Columbus rewarded for his discovery ? — He was rewarded with chains. 7. Has he been paid ? — Not quite. 8. The idlers will be punished. 9. The windows are shut. 10. The windows are being shut now.
Page 68 - How much is seven times eight? twelve times twelve? 2. The week has seven days. 3. The day has twenty-four hours. 4. The year has 365 days. 5. Sixty minutes make one hour. 6. Our town has now 17,561 inhabitants. 7. How many days has this month ?—31 days. 8. How old is your little brother
Page 73 - ?—Of ours. 4. Your opinion is not ours. 5. Thy drawings are not so fine as his. 6. This Latin grammar is not mine. 7. Perhaps it is theirs. 8. (The) white sheep are more common than (the) black sheep. 9. Our French books are more interesting than yours, 10. Your ribbons are finer than hers.
Page 49 - was a battle between the Turks and Russians. 4. The courage of the wise man (sage) is great. 5. We have received this hawk from our nephew. 6. The boys were playing with the monkeys. 7. Great is the strength of the lion. 8. Why did the fox flatter the raven
Page 47 - we can (it). 4. May we accompany you ?—Yes, that you may. 5. Every man must die. 6. You were not allowed to begin. 7. (The) birds can fly. 8. They could neither buy nor sell. 9. Was he allowed to go out ?—Yes. 10. Yesterday we were allowed to stay.
Page 13 - you not admire this meadow ? — -Yes, and I admire also this wood. 3. Did this child cry ? — No, it laughed. 4. This flower costs one dollar. 5. What did your brother learn ? — He learned this poem. 6. Did she not expect her friend? — Yes. 7. This man once lived (say — lived once) in Berlin. 8. Where did you
Page 11 - What did you learn? — I learned my task. 2. Did you laugh or did you cry ? — I only laughed (say — I laughed only). 3. Where did your tutor reside ? — Our tutor resided in Munich, 4. Did they believe it ? — No, they did not believe it. 5. Did she like your game ? — Yes, she liked our game. 6. Did you
Page 86 - were very badly treated. 6. In winter we rise at seven o'clock. 7. He is coming back. 8. He read to me a ballad of Goethe. 9. They arrived by (with) the last train. 10. In winter the sun rises at eight o'clock. 11. Why do you not open your grammar?—I am opening it now. 12. The door is opening.
Page 15 - Yes, he has a butterfly. 2. Have they not a mistake? — They have no mistake. 3. Has your husband a business? — Yes, he has a business in Paris. 4. What has this girl there? — She has a flower. 5. Is the teacher

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