Mad Notions: A True Tale of Murder and Mayhem

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Key Porter, Jan 1, 2000 - Crime Tennessee Sevier County History 20th century - 271 pages
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A true tale of evil lurking beneath the surface of a sleepy Smoky Mountains town. In November of 1994, a black Jeep carrying the battered body of a young man plunged over the side of a cliff in the Smoky Mountains. The discovery of that body launched a criminal investigation that revealed a shocking tale of tawdry ambition, amoral sex and a spectacularly brutal murder. Shayne Mills Lovera was, on the surface, an all-American girl - beautiful, popular, and the step-daughter of a prominent man. Gatlinburg and its sister towns of Pigeon Forge and Sevierville were, on the surface, classic American small towns - pretty and God-fearing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The towns dealt in hypocrisy and hid drug dealers and shady deaths. The girl hid a black heart and used manipulation and sex to persuade a young man to help her murder her husband. In Mad Notions, award-winning mystery writer John Lawrence Reynolds peels away the facades of the towns and their people to create a chilling portrait of the dark underbelly of the American dream. The story is as gripping as it is chilling - a fast-paced, suspenseful read destined to become a true crime classic.

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I think she was pretty dam dumb about bragging about killing somebody, it isn't that much attention in the world. They most have been self center and husband was in love and stuck on stupid by letting it go that far...he empower the fools to take his life, poor guy.This B has shown no remorse as yet, she still think of only of her self, you can tell it her writings, she will never get out on parole, and hope his parents be at the next hearing to block it if they are not week in character like other cases I have read about. You don't forgive this kind of thing. I wonder if there was a wrongful death suit file by the parents? The B is probably getting proceeds from a movie or book...a evil abomination that will never see the next system of things. She thinks she is in hell now; she need to be seeking some spiritual guidance instead of some sense in school, it's a little to late for that I fear. Her introspection is focus the wrong way. 

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This girl deserves to be in prison 4 the rest of her natural born life. I know her.....I went to school with her. She was mean as a child and very rude and spoiled as an adult. I hope you stay in there 4 life little Ms Shayne she could do that to her husband tells you what kind of person she is. She always has to be the center of attention!!! Her poor poor husband and those children. I hope they have nothing to do with her!!! She is evil and I hope she stays in there 4 life. She should have got a death sentence.
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