Madeleine at Her Mirror: A Woman's Diary

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John Lane, 1913 - 288 pages
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Page 130 - Of course, when men wanted the franchise, they did not behave in the unruly manner of our feminine friends. They were perfectly constitutional in their agitation. In Bristol, I find they only burnt the Mansion House, the Custom House, the Bishop's Palace, the Excise Office, three prisons, four toll houses, and forty-two private dwellings and warehouses, and all in a perfectly constitutional and respectable manner.
Page 130 - ... surrounded the sacred building, and waited for the bishop's departure from it. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the saintly and venerated Howley, coming to Canterbury to hold his primary visitation, was insulted, spat on, and with great difficulty, and by a very circuitous route, brought to the deanery, amidst the yells and execrations of a violent and angry mob. The Bishop of Bath and Wells being expected to visit the latter city, a popular commotion was apprehended, and troops were sent for his...
Page 131 - In this way the males set a splendid example of constitutional methods in agitating for the franchise. I think we are well qualified to advise the suffragettes to follow our example, to be respectable and peaceful in their methods like we were, and then they will have our sympathy and support.
Page 116 - L'un d'eux avait un encensoir, L'autre avait un chapeau de roses ; Et le troisième avait en main Une robe toute fleurie, De perles, d'or, et de jasmin, Comme en a madame Marie.
Page 129 - The realisation, therefore, of their aims is, according to this mode of chronology, as far off in the future as the Plague and the Fire of London are in the past. Nevertheless, I shall not be surprised if they succeed within the next twelve months, or two or three years at the most.
Page 130 - Lichfield was nearly killed, and the Archbishop of Canterbury was insulted, spat upon, and with great difficulty rescued from amidst the yells and execrations of a violent and angry mob. The suffragists in those days had a constitutional weakness for bishops, and a savage vandalism towards cathedrals and bishops
Page v - It is not a novel, but a collection of impressions, of dreams and of memories, in which fiction mingles with fact.

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