Madrigals and Catches

Front Cover
White, Stokes & Allen, 1887 - Authors' presentation copy - 139 pages

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Page 32 - BACCHUS Listen to the tawny thief, Hid beneath the waxen leaf, Growling at his fairy host, Bidding her with angry boast Fill his cup with wine distilled From the dew the dawn has spilled: Stored away in golden casks Is the precious draught he asks. Who, — who makes this mimic din In this mimic meadow inn, Sings in such a drowsy note, Wears a golden-belted coat; Loiters in the dainty room Of this tavern of perfume; Dares to linger at the cup Till the yellow sun is up? Bacchus...
Page 31 - QUATRAIN HARK at the lips of this pink whorl of shell And you shall hear the ocean's surge and roar: So in the quatrain's measure, written well, A thousand lines shall all be sung in four...
Page 75 - FOR PRISCILLA Dear Priscilla, quaint and very Like a modern Puritan, Is a modest, literary, Merry young American: Horace she has read, and Bion Is her favorite in Greek ; Shakespeare is a mighty lion In whose den she dares but peek; Him she leaves to some sage Daniel, Since of lions she's afraid, — She prefers a playful spaniel, Such as Herrick or as Praed ; And it's not a bit satiric To confess her fancy goes From the epic to a lyric On a rose. Wise Priscilla...
Page 76 - Since of lions she's afraid — She prefers a playful spaniel, Such as Herrick or as Praed, And it's not a bit satiric To confess her fancy goes From the epic to a lyric On a rose. Wise Priscilla, dilettante, With a sentimental mind, Doesn't deign to dip in Dante, And to Milton isn't kind; L'Allegro, II Penseroso Have some merits she will grant.
Page 38 - TO AUSTIN DOBSON. From the sunny climes of France, Flying to the west, Came a flock of birds by chance, There to sing and rest : Of some secrets deep in quest,— Justice for their wrongs,— Seeking one to shield their breast, One to write their songs. Melodies of old romance, Joy and gentle jest, Notes that made the dull heart dance With a merry zest ; — Maids in matchless beauty drest, Youths in happy throngs ; — These they sang to tempt and test One to write their songs. In old London's wide...
Page 11 - February. Like mimic meteors the snow In silence out of heaven sifts, And wanton winds that wake and blow Pile high their monumental drifts. And looking through the window-panes I see, 'mid loops and angles crossed, The dainty geometric skeins Drawn by the fingers of the Frost. 'Tis here at dawn where comes his love, All eager and with smile benign, A golden sunbeam from above, To read the Frost's gay valentine.
Page 78 - I who sing of you would marry Just the kind of girl you are, — One who doesn't care to carry Her poetic taste too far, — One whose fancy is a bright one, Who is fond of poems fine, And appreciates a light one Such as mine.
Page 77 - Make the epic understood : Honeysuckling, like a bee, she Goes and pillages his sweets, And it's plain enough to see she Worships Keats. Gay Priscilla — just the person For the Locker whom she loves; What a captivating verse on Her neat-fitting gowns or gloves He could write in catching measure, Setting all the heart astir! And to Aldrich what a pleasure It would be to sing of her — He, whose perfect songs have won her Lips to quote them day by day. She repeats the...
Page 7 - GOOD-NIGHT. white stars blossom in the skies. Like daisies strewn in azure aisles ; I miss but two, — the gentle eyes That greet me with your smiles. Love's small astronomy is mine Who missing these miss all the rest : I hate these rival lights that shine To mock my lonely quest.

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