Magnetic Amplifier Circuits

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McGraw-Hill, 1954 - Magnetic amplifiers - 277 pages
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Page 58 - The Transductor, Dc Pre-saturated Reactor, with Special Reference to Transductor Control of Rectifiers," Esselte Aktiebolag, Stockholm, Sweden, 1943.
Page 13 - BP Hamilton, H. Nyquist, MB Long and WA Phelps, "Voice-Frequency Carrier Telegraph Systems for Cables", Trans. AIEE, Vol. XLIV, 1925. 21. AL Matte, "Advances in Carrier Telegraph Transmission," BSTJ, April, 1940. 22. RB Shanck, "Neutralization of Telegraph Cross Fire," BSTJ, July, 1926. 23. HD Arnold and GW Elmen, "Permalloy, An Alloy of Remarkable Magnetic Properties," Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol.
Page 1 - A device for increasing the amplitude of electric current, voltage, or power, through the control by the input power of a larger amount of power supplied by a local source to the output circuit.
Page 258 - An Application of Magnetic Amplifier Circuits to Perform Multiplication and Other Analytical Operations.
Page 95 - The Transductor, DC Pre-Saturated Reactor with Special Reference to Transductor Control of Rectifiers," Dissertation Stockholm, 1943 (2nd Ed Acta Polytechnlca, Academy of Engineering Science, Stockholm, May, 1948).
Page 59 - OE, and JE JACKSON. Losses in iron under the action of superposed alternating and direct-current excitations.
Page 1 - ... plaintiff Remco Electronic, Inc., owned both patents in suit from January 15, 1946, to the date of the trial. I. The terra "amplification" is defined in the American Standard Definitions of Electrical Terms, published by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, August 12, 1041, as follows: "An amplifier is a device for increasing the power associated with a phenomenon without appreciably altering its quality through control by the amplifier input of screen known as a grid.8 Such a tube...
Page 81 - ... Los Vegas, New Mexico, works built in 1885. This process consisted of the injection of zinc chloride, followed by injections of solutions of glue and tannin, the object of the two latter being to plug up the ducts of the timber by the artificial leather formed by the glue and tannin. This treatment has been in use in this country for a number of years with very satisfactory results.
Page 52 - However, this is true only when the measured load current IL is expressed in average values over one half cycle.
Page 201 - The 5744 subminiature control tubes required only + 1 volt on the grid. This circuit, in common with the simple reactor circuit, was unaffected by large amounts of ripple on the signal applied to the tube grid.

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