Maintenance at Eastern Airlines: FAA Oversight : Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, One Hundredth Congress, First Session, October 27 and November 17, 1987

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Page 106 - Provided, That no such agreement shall require such condition of employment with respect to employees to whom membership is not available upon the same terms and conditions as are generally applicable to any other member or with respect to employees to whom membership was denied or terminated for any reason other than the failure of the employee to tender the periodic dues, initiation fees, and assessments (not including fines and penalties) uniformly required as a condition of acquiring or retaining...
Page 266 - Subcommittee on Government Activities and Transportation Committee on Government Operations House of Representatives...
Page 268 - ... FAA took steps to control misuse of the MEL. Some airlines have been known to carry important MEL items for extended periods of time. To eliminate this abuse of the MEL, the FAA developed phrases for important items that forced the airline to make repairs promptly. Typical wording is, "The airline may continue the flight or series of flights, but shall not depart an airport where repairs or replacements can be made.
Page 163 - I appreciate the opportunity to testify before the Subcommittee and would be happy to answer any questions which you or the other Members may have. LIST OF APPENDICES 1. ALPA Newsletter, January 23, 1987. 2. ALPA Questionnaire Distributed to Eastern Pilots. 3. Selected Max Safety Stickers. 4. Document Entitled "The 'Slowdown' As A Negotiating Tool", August 1968.
Page 22 - What is this margin of safety? It is the difference between the minimum standards set by the FAA and the higher, self-imposed standards of the airlines which have been achieved in a cooperative effort by pilots and management. It is also the experience gained...
Page 25 - Of course, if the body count were the only measure of victory, we would have won the war in Vietnam.
Page 25 - Professor of Law and Director of the Transportation Law Program at the University of Denver.
Page 49 - Would the gentleman yield? Mr. NIELSON. I would be happy to yield to the gentleman. Mr. MADIGAN. A report called "Multisource Drugs for Animal Use: Issues and Recommendations" prepared by the Animal Drug Advisory Panel, did you have any opportunity to study this?
Page 79 - You secretly tape-recorded a conversation with your supervisor during which you were repeatedly asked if you were tape-recording the conversation. You evaded the question several times and ultimately denied taping the conversation. This constituted a false statement to your supervisor. The false statements you made to the media, and the release of the taperecording can only be viewed as an attempt on your part to undermine...

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