Major and Minor Keys: Critical Essays on Philippine Fiction and Poetry

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New Day Publishers, 1885 - Literary Criticism - 183 pages

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Page 62 - CLIMATE, ETC, [To be Read.] We will now cross the Mississippi River and study the "West Central States." They are Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and are called the West Central States because they are in the western part of the Great Central Plain. These five states extend from the northern . limit of the United States to the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of nearly fifteen hundred miles. The great Mississippi River forms the entire eastern boundary of three of them, and part of...
Page 97 - A second remarkable fact is, that while most of the countries of Asia have only a thin and scattered population, nearly one half of the whole human race is crowded into the southeastern part. In British India, Indo-China, Japan, and the eastern half of the Chinese Empire, there are between seven and eight hundred millions of inhabitants ; and there are not many more than that in all the world besides. Another fact worth remembering is, that all the domestic animals— the horse, the cow, the sheep,...
Page 44 - ... organizations on prices of cotton. This entire report was largely used in the congressional debates and hearings on numerous bills relating to the regulation of speculation in farm products. On July 6, 1910, the Bureau published Part II of its Report on Taxation of Corporations. This part dealt with the Middle Atlantic States — New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland — and also with the District of Columbia. Its arrangement was uniform with that of Part I, on the New England...
Page 59 - What advantages for commerce have these states ? They have the Ohio on the south, the Mississippi on the west, the Great Lakes on the north, and many navigable rivers in the interior. The railroads are also very numerous. What is said of Cincinnati ? It is the chief commercial port of Ohio, and has a population of more than two hundred thousand.
Page 65 - GRANITE, WILLIAMS CANON. extent on both sides of the eastern ranges that front the plains, from the northern to the southern boundary of the United States, and how much farther I do not know. It is probable, however, that they extend far north into the British Provinces and far south into Mexico. This belt is very varied in its character from point to point, sometimes expands to a width of several miles, and again contracts to a fourth or half a mile in width.
Page 94 - On the plains and in the valleys between the mountains are fine pastures, where many cattle are raised ; and butter and cheese are the chief agricultural products. A great number of watches are made in Switzerland ; and in the winter many of the peasants employ themselves in making toys for sale. Many of the toys which we see in this country are brought from Switzerland. Turkey. — The Turks, form only a small part of the population of Turkey. They came into Europe from Asia, several centuries ago,...
Page 12 - It is a portion of water stretching up into the land. What is a strait ? It is a narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies of water.
Page 4 - What is geography ? Geography is a description of the surface of the earth, and of its countries and their inhabitants.
Page 24 - States are washed by three seas : the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Gulf of Mexico on the south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The...

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