Make It Big with Yuvi: How to Achieve Poolside Living by Growing Your Small Business

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AuthorHouse, Mar 23, 2006 - Business & Economics - 128 pages

Make Big It With Yuvi: How to Achieve Poolside Living By Growing Your Small Business is a book that shows small business owners how to expand their businesses. We outline, step by step, the best way to grow your business; in other words, how to increase its sales and profits in a “big” way.  We also think that small business owners should enjoy their lives and not be a slave to their business. That’s the “Make It Big” philosophy. Therefore, our book not only shows you how to grow your business, but also how to organize your business in such a way that allows you to “achieve poolside living.” Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the profits of your business while spending your time the way you want?  Wouldn’t you like to be an absentee owner while making “big” money?  Of course, you would. Who wouldn’t?


There are some obvious things you should do to grow your business, like advertising effectively and keeping costs manageable--but there are other, more subtle things you should as well. Our book shows you what they are. We discuss the importance of developing a plan and developing systems, for example. Neither of which, you will discover, need to be complicated or cumbersome. We discuss how you can create positive trends for your business and how to capitalize on them. We discuss how to hire and manage employees. And we point out common mistakes for the busy owner who needs to read things quickly.


Of course, growing your business can be a frustrating experience, but following our steps can help you achieve the “big” profits you have dreamed about, while alleviating much of the frustration. There is hard work to be done; however, it will pay off for you in a “big” way. It’s simple, but true.


We also offer suggestions on how your small business can compete with the so-called major corporations—the big boys.  In a phrase: customer service. There is no question that if you commit to strong, effective and most important, personal customer service, your business can compete with anyone, including the so-called big boys. It’s what we call, “using the small.” We devote an entire chapter to this important subject, and how you can implement customer service-minded strategies at your small business.


Make It Big With Yuvi: How to Achieve Poolside Living By Growing Your Small Business will benefit not only small business owners, but also those looking to purchase or sell a small business.  The fact is, as a small business owner, you should run your business as though you are going to sell it.  That’s right. You should run your business as though you are going to sell it.  Therefore, this book is applicable to those looking to buy or sell their small businesses.

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About the author (2006)

About the Authors:


Yuvi Shmul is a small business investor, intermediary, and owner. Additionally, he is a consultant, a coach, a visionary, and an author.  He has worked with a Wall Street firm as a financial analyst, but decided to “Make It Big” by investing in small business. So he quit his high-pressure, lucrative profession to pursue his goal of “Poolside Living.”  He used his experience as a small business owner to partner with two other small business owners and developed one of the largest private wireless chains in the US —Yakety Yak Wireless.  Currently, he and his partners have franchises and licenses in several states, and are expanding rapidly. After a few years of hard work, he accomplished his goal and wants to help you accomplish yours.


Yuvi has helped many become successful entrepreneurs. Moreover, his “Make It Big With Yuvi” company has also shown people how to “achieve poolside living,” and it can show you too. With his extensive experience in small business, from purchasing to managing to growing, and to selling, Yuvi understands the nuances of small business investment well.   


Yuvi’s partner, Ron Peltier, has worked in the collegiate environment for a decade before deciding to “Make It Big.” He has written several books on small business, as well. Before he became an author, he developed training materials, retreats, manuals, and seminars.  Additionally, his experience includes hiring, managing, and evaluating employees, as well as implementing comprehensive systems for large administrative divisions at several universities. Finally, Ron has taught at several colleges.  He has a master of arts in English from Eastern Michigan University.


Yuvi and Ron are working on a comprehensive series of books, seminars, and coaching programs designed to assist small business owners in every aspect of small business, and ultimately help them “Make It Big.”  Their philosophy is that anyone can “Make It Big;” all they need is the right information and assistance.  To get started, you can access their website at


Remember:  Everyone can “Make It Big.”



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