Make Thy Way Mine: And Other Poems

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White, Stokes, & Allen, 1886 - Christian poetry, American - 103 pages
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Page 69 - They are such tiny feet : They have gone such a little way to meet The years which are required to break Their steps to evenness, and make Them go More sure and slow. They are such little hands : Be kind. Things are so new, and life but stands A step beyond the doorway. All around New- day has found Such tempting things to shine upon, and so The hands are tempted hard, you know.
Page 70 - To suns or showers — showers soon dispelled By looking in our face — Love asks for such, much grace. "They are such fair, frail gifts; Uncertain as the rifts Of light that lie along the sky — They may not be here by and by — Give them not love, but more — above And harder — patience with the love.
Page 1 - ... little faults we find. We see them ; for not blind Is love. We see them ; but if you and I Perhaps remember them some by and by, They will not be Faults then — grave faults — to you and me, But just odd ways — mistakes, or even less — Remembrances to bless. Days change so many things — yes, hours; We see so differently in suns and showers. Mistaken words tonight May be so cherished by tomorrow's light. We will be patient, for we know There's such a little way to go.
Page 87 - rill give them back—bright, pure and beautiful. We know He will but keep Our own and His until we fall asleep. We know He does not mean To break the strands reaching between The Here and There. He does not...
Page 89 - I do believe that God will give a sweet surprise To tear-stained, saddened eyes, And that his heaven will be Most glad, most tided through with joy for you and me, As we have suffered most. God never made Spirit for spirit, answering shade for shade, And placed them side by side — RECOMPENSE. 93 So wrought in one, though separate, mystified — And meant to break The quivering threads between.
Page 91 - The moment she speaks, and jumps to see What her want or her wish might be : Scarcely one. They all forget, Or are not in the notion to go quite yet ; But this she knows, if her boy is near, There is somebody certain to want to hear. Mother is proud, and she holds him fast, And kisses him first and kisses him last ; And he holds her hand and looks in her face, And hunts for her spool which is out of its place, And proves that he loves her whenever he can: That is why she is proud oi her little man.
Page 82 - Be laid across our shoulders, and the future, rife With woe and struggle, meet us face to face At just one place, We could not go ; Our feet would stop, and so God lays a little on us every day, 8
Page 83 - F you and I to-day Should stop, and lay Our life-work down, and let our hands fall where they will, Fall down to lie quite still; And if some other hand should come, and stoop to find The threads we carried, so that it could wind, Beginning where we stopped ; if it should come to keep Our life-work going, seek To carry on the good design Distinctively made yours or mine, What would it find...

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