Making a Municipal Budget: Functional Accounts and Operative Statistics for the Department of Health of Greater New York

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1907 - Finance, Public - 171 pages
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Page 7 - To promote efficient and economical municipal government ; to promote the adoption of scientific methods of accounting and of reporting the details of municipal business, with a view to facilitating the work of public officials...
Page 39 - The Mayor, the Comptroller, the President of the Board of Aldermen...
Page 168 - All persons in the households of those engaged in producing or handling milk are free from all infectious disease. Weekly reports are being filed 9.
Page 169 - Milk drawn from animals fed on distillery waste or any substance in a state of fermentation or putrefaction or on any unhealthy food.
Page 169 - Liquid matter is absorbed and removed daily and allowed to overflow and saturate ground under or around cow barn...
Page 169 - MILK HOUSE is free from dirt, rubbish and all material not used in the handling and storage of milk 1...
Page 169 - Milk from cows within 15 days before or 5 days after parturition is discarded 1 UTENSILS...
Page 169 - ... atmosphere 1 61. Milk is cooled within two hours after milking to 50 degrees F. 3, to 55 degrees F. 2, to 60 deg.
Page 168 - BEDDING used is clean, dry and absorbent 1 33 SEPARATE BUILDING Is provided for cows when sick 1 34 Separate quarters are provided for cows when calving.— 1 35 MANURE is removed daily to at least 200 feet from the barn ( ft.) 2 36 Manure pile is so located that the...
Page 169 - PAILS have all seams soldered flush 2 36 Milk pails are of the small mouthed design, top opening not exceeding 8 inches in diameter. Diameter 2 37 Racks are provided to hold milk pails and cans when not in use.

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