Maliseet Vocabulary

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Harvard Cooperative Society, 1899 - English language - 94 pages

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Page 51 - Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Eighty, Ninety, One hundred, One hundred and one, One hundred and two, One hundred and three...
Page 52 - Thrice or three times. Four Times. Five times. Six times. Seven times. Eight times. Nine times.
Page 82 - I am standing and looking. He was standing and looking. I am sitting and eating. He was sitting and eating. He was standing and holding a gun. He held a gun. He pointed a gun. He was standing and pointing a gun. The boy was crying and eating. John is walking and whistling. The bird is flying. The snake is crawling. The fish is swimming. The dog is barking. The borse is neighing.
Page 56 - ... for one year, two years, three years, four years, five years, six years, and seven years, and in every case the disease was produced.
Page 53 - Four times Five times Six times Seven times Eight times Nine times Ten times Eleven times Twelve times Thirteen times Nabal»!
Page 16 - STEPHENS (John). A Primer for Young Children applicable to the Indian language, as spoken by the Mee-lee-ceet Tribe in New Brunswick.
Page 90 - They have loved Present Perfect Continuous Active I have been loving You have been loving We have been loving They have been loving Passive...
Page 76 - The horse is walking. The horse is running. It rains now. It rained yesterday. It will rain to-morrow. If it rains to-night I shall not go. It hails now. It hailed yesterday. It will hail to-morrow. If it hails to-night I shall not go. It is cold now. It was cold yesterday. It will be cold to-morrow. If it is cold to-morrow I shall not go. It is warm now. It was warm yesterday. It will be warm to-morrow. If it is warm to-morrow I shall not go. The north wind blows. The east wind is blowing.
Page 31 - Bow of wood Bowstring Arrow Notch in end of arrow for bowstring...
Page 80 - ... soup. The horse is eating corn. The cow is eating grass. The bird is eating corn. The bird is eating rice. I am drinking water. I have drunk water. I will drink water. John is drinking water. The horse is drinking water. The cat is drinking water. The dog is drinking water. The bird is drinking water. The horse threw the boy. That horse will throw you. I will go hunting deer. I will go hunting mountain rats (in traps).

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