O' Mally's Journey

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - 200 pages
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This is a story of everyday people, probably not very much unlike you or me. The young man of this story did not have any idea how his life was to be shaped by the experiences that occurred, or rather the adventure that befell him as he found his soul mate. The danger and mystery that entrapped them as they struggled to stay alive while they faced the evil and greed that stolen money, kidnapping, and attempted murder caused. Their lives became anything but a dull and mundane existence, it became an adventure of a lifetime. Fresh from the battles of the war in Iraq, Joseph' Mally's enlistment in the United States Air Force was up. Back at his home base in Germany he had taken an in country discharge with plans for a little 'rest and relaxation' as he visited England, Scotland and Northern Ireland where he would sightsee and enjoy life before he returned home to the States to settle down. During his 'R and R' he found the woman of his dreams and thought his life to be as perfect as humanly possible, but instead stolen money and death awaited them, insuring that if they did manage to live through the ordeal, they would remember this 'vacation' for the rest of their lives ... however long that might be! The adventure that befalls Joseph Nguyn' Mally and Caiside Tharp Breasail weaves a tale of a magnificent romance that requires character that is born of courage, honorable actions, and a true attempt to be the type of person God would have them to be . in spirit, body, and soul. Their adventure is global since it takes them to three different continents on this planet. The adventure begins here but the ending waits in ... the unknown!

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