Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 58

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Chetham Society., 1862 - Cheshire (England)
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Page 437 - ... the ninth lamb, the ninth fleece, and the ninth sheaf, to be taken by two years then next to come : and of Cities and Boroughs the very ninth part of all their goods and chattels...
Page 629 - Chester's Triumph in Honor of her Prince, as it was performed upon St. George's Day 1610, in the foresaid Citie. Reprinted from the original edition of 1610, with an Introduction and Notes.
Page 459 - Will but make it burn the higher. If so, my friend, pray let her take A second turn into the lake ; And, rather than your patience lose, Thrice and again repeat the dose. No brawling wives, no furious wenches, No fire so hot but water quenches.
Page 629 - IV. The Life of Adam Martindale, written by himself, and now first printed from the original manuscript in the British Museum. Edited by the Rev. RICHARD I'AUKINSON, BD, Canon of Manchester.
Page 538 - The Mark was a voluntary association of free men, who laid down for themselves, and strictly maintained, a system of cultivation by which the produce of the land on which they settled might be fairly and equally secured for their service and support ; and from participation in which they jealously excluded all who were not born, or adopted, into the association.
Page 458 - I'll speed me to the pond, where the high stool On the long plank hangs o'er the muddy pool, That stool, the dread of every scolding quean.
Page 521 - VIII. (1526) it was found that Thomas West knight held the manor of Mamecestre, the advowson of the church &c. of the king, as of his Duchy of Lancaster, by knight's service ; and that Thomas West, his brother [son] and heir, was of the age of thirty years. He was succeeded by his eldest son, XVI. Thomas, ninth Baron de la Warre and sixteenth Baron of Mamecestre. He...
Page 530 - ... a year. The court was of opinion that the plaintiff was entitled to recover. On this decision in his favour the New Market was immediately offered to, and purchased by, Sir John Parker Mosley, and continued to be used as a market during his life. His eldest son, Oswald Mosley Esq., of Rollestou and of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, died in Sir John's lifetime...
Page 630 - XXXI. The Stanley Papers, Part II. The Derby Household Books, comprising an account of the Household Regulations and Expenses of Edward and Henry, third and fourth Earls of Derby ; together with a Diary, containing the names of the guests who visited the latter Earl at his houses in Laneashire : by William Farrington, Esq., the Comptroller.
Page 455 - A market (mercatus, from mercando, baying and selling) is the liberty by grant or prescription, whereby a town is enabled to set up and open shops &c. at a certain place therein, for buying and selling, and better provision of such victuals as the subject wanteth. It is less than a fair, and is usually kept once or twice a week. The market of Mamecestre was (and is still) held on Saturday. One market ought to be distant from another six miles and a half and a sixth of a mile ("Sex leucas (vel milliari)...

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