Man and the Conditions that Surround Him: His Progress and Decline, Past and Present ...

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G. W. Carleton & Company, 1867 - Civilization - 361 pages
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Page 367 - The Art of Amusing : A Collection of Graceful Arts, Games, Tricks, Puzzles, and Charades. By FRANK BELLEW.
Page 367 - LES MISERABLES. — In the Spanish language. Fine 8vo. edition, two vols., paper covers, $4.00 ; cloth bound, $5.00 JARGAL. — A new novel. Illustrated* . I2mo. cloth, $1.75 THE LIFE OF VICTOR HUGO. — By himself. 8vo. cloth, $1.75 Miss JJIulocli. JOHN HALIFAX. — A novel.
Page 184 - In reference to the status of the Africans among the nations of the earth, we have seen nothing to justify the notion that they are of a different 'breed' or 'species
Page 368 - HIS BOOK. — The fir-st collection of humorous writings by A. Ward. Full of comic illustrations. I2mo. cloth, $1.50 HIS TRAVELS. — A comic volume of Indian and Mormon adventures. With laughable illustrations. I2mo. cloth, $1.50 IN LONDON.
Page 367 - JOHN HALIFAX. — A novel. With illustration. I2mo. cloth, $1.75 A LIFE FOR A LIFE. — do. do. $1-75 Charlotte Bronte (Cnrrer Bell)* JANE EYRE. — A novel. With illustration. I2mo. cloth, $1.75 THE PROFESSOR. — do.
Page 371 - Cloth, $1.75 Walter Barrett, Clerk. THE OLD MERCHANTS OF NEW YORK. — Personal incidents, sketches, bits of biography, and events in the life of leading merchants in New York. Four series. . . . I2mo. cloth, $1.75 • Madame Octavia Walton Le Vert SOUVENIRS OF TRAVEL. New edition. Large I2mo. cloth, $2.00 Kate Marstone. A new and very interesting tale. . . I2mo. cloth, $1.50 By
Page 184 - species' from the most civilized. The African is a man with every attribute of human kind. Centuries of barbarism have had the same deteriorating effects on Africans as...
Page 168 - With every disposition to pay due deference to the opinions of those who have made ethnology their special study, I have felt myself unable to believe that the exaggerated features usually put forth as those of the typical negro, characterize the majority of any nation of south central Africa.
Page 371 - CITY FLIRTATION. — A capital new society tale, with twenty superb illustrations byHoppin. I2mo. cloth, $2.00 Kpes Sargent.
Page 111 - I drew even a faint sketch, I should be taken for an enthusiast or perhaps for a madman. It will suffice to add, that no people, either ancient or modern, ever conceived the art of architecture on so sublime and so grand a scale as the ancient Egyptians. Their conceptions were those of men a hundred feet high...

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