Man's Imitation of Life and Desire: The 2nd Ultimate Book of True Poetry

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Author Solutions, 2012 - Poetry - 274 pages
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The book you are holding in your hands is (Part Two) of my poetry. It revolves around real life events and people I know and love. It is also about those I have met and friends I have found along the way. Some poems are about domestic abuse, Christianity and God, some are about love, hurt and pain, romance. I hope you enjoy these poems I have written and that you can relate to what I am saying through them. "All for the love of Poetry" Best wishes, David J. I am including a very deep poem here... It it called "A Woman of Strength" I need to tell you a story about a woman I know, Listen closely to this story as I let it flow, Alone in her room in the dark as the tears fall, Thinking about her life and how she gave it her all. Her mind has been so abused along with her face, With the black and blue marks, her swollen eyes, leaving only a trace, The hurt and pain from his hand, leaving the scars within, The tears fall from her eyes leaving her with nothing. How she tries to smile but the pain gets in the way, So many times IŽve tried to tell her not to stay, But she stayed anyway thinking everything would be fine, Knowing heŽd be home soon, as she walked that thin line. Finally he came home and again she started to shake, So scared as you thought, how much more can you take? He raised his hand to you once again as you hid with fear, Wishing so hard it would all stop, including the tears. Once again, alone in your room, with your head in your hands, As the blood dripped down your face right where you stand, This time it went too far, as you fell to the floor, As you stood up, looking at him face to face, You told him to go to hell, walking out and forever closing the door.

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